Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi there...Are you there?


I invite your views on the title of my blog.

Is man a bad case...?

I think s/he is.

How else do u explain the deterioration of planet EARTH...?

I mean just look at the way we are living on this beautiful planet...with greed, with hatred, with animosity, with fear, with forth & so on.

No other living being on this planet distorts its own abode or habitat the way humans do. All these because we call ourselves the most evolved species on Earth...the only species which is very much aware of its existence...the only species which has got the power to choose, to analyse, to think, to create & to destroy too. Its only we who do not live by the nature or is it that destruction is inbuilt in our nature..our primal instinct?

Agreed that our species is also responsible for bringing so many wonders to this world...wonders like LOVE, COMPASSION, CARE, UNDERSTANDING, KINDNESS etc.etc. but one look at the overall scenario as on date and one realizes that all is not well with us..that the virtues of our negativity outnumber & outweigh the virtues of our positivism.

BUT then, therein lies the glimmer of hope that this tilt, this balance can as well shift to the positive side provided we are ready to correct ourselves, to analyse ourselves, to put things in right perspective for a better world.


Well keep on blogging this blog & you will see the change by being the change yourself. In fact u will be the very basis & part of this change. I firmly believe that this can be done.
Yes I do...I do...I do

Do u share this belief....or can you?