Friday, December 31, 2010

भीगी आँखें...

भीगी आँखें
जाने क्या-क्या कह गयीं
किसी को दर्द
किसी को सुकून
तो किसी को प्यास दे गयीं
डूबते हुओं को
मिल गए अपने-अपने किनारे
अनकही रहकर
वे सबकुछ कह गयीं...

आईने से कह रहीं थी कल
एक जोड़ी अदद आँखें
दोस्त भी हम अच्छे हैं
और इंसान भी
कमी थी तो बस
अपने-आप को पहचानने की
सो अंदाज़न रह गई...

हर सूरत में
दिखाने लगीं जब वो रब
तो इबादत हुई
यार से लगने लगे जब सब
तो मोहब्बत हुई
आशिकों की तरह
करे हर ज़िक्र में
दीदार वो अपने महबूब का
सजदे में होतीं हैं वो बंद
सो रस्मन हो गयीं...

जिसने जो ढूंढा
उसको वही मिला
खोजती आँखों को बस
खोजी ही मिला
और मिलता भी क्या
सिवाए उसके
घुल-मिल जातीं हैं
वो हर रंग में
सो आदतन घुल गयीं...

मुक्त हो जातीं हैं
गर फ़रिश्ते उन्हें लेने आयें
मर जातीं है
गर बिछड़ने का डर उन्हें सताए
वक़्त रहते
आँखें बरबस हमें नींद से उठायें
सो गालिबन उठा गयीं...

नवाजे गए हैं हम
हर वक़्त उसकी रहमतों से
घिरे रहें फिर हम
अगर के मगरों से
तो वे क्या करें
बस यूँ समझ लीजिये की
ये सारा जहाँ है उन्ही की बदौलत
फिर आँख वालों को
अक्ल अँधा कर जाती है
सो मजबूरन कर गई...

काम का तो यहाँ
कुछ भी नहीं
ना याद
ना तनहाई
ना रिश्ते-नाते
ना ही खुदाई
समझ में आ सके
ऐसा भी यहाँ
कुछ नहीं
ना अपने
ना पराये
ना मंज़िल
ना ही कोई ऊँचाई
सोचते रहते हम फिर भी
अपने नफे-नुकसान की
हर पल झपक-झपक
तू अमर नहीं
तू अमर नहीं
कहना है काम
इन आँखों का
सो रुखसतन कह गयीं...

ज़िन्दगी ये है
ज़िन्दगी वो है
कह कह कर
जड़ दिए हमने
ज़िन्दगी पे ढेर सारे तमाचे
एक इलज़ाम
लगाये जो इंसान खुद पे
तो आँखें नम हो जाएँ
सो दफ्फतन हो गयीं...

जब भी दूसरों में
खुदा देखने की
मगरूर इंसानी हसरत
अपना शैतानी मुँह
उठाती है मुझमें
आईना दिखा
शर्मसार कर जातीं हैं ये आँखें
सो हक़ीक़तन कर गयीं...

सुबह से प्यासा
रख छोड़ने वालों ने
सर-ए-शाम मयखाना खोला है
तुर्रा उसपर ये
की जाम गीन-गीन के पिलाए जायेंगे
शुक्र मनाओ 'मनीष'
की आँखें भी पीना जानतीं हैं
सो पी गयीं....

और अब ये हाल है की

तेरा नाम ले

तुझे पुकारना

अच्छा लगता है

यूँ खुद को

सुनना - सुनाना

अच्छा लगता है

तेरा नाम ले

छेढ़ते है मुझे

ये दुनियाँ वाले

तेरे नाम से

यूँ जाने जाना

अच्छा लगता है..............................

खुदा हाफ़िज़ 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art of Messaging

Here are a few text messages that i sent in response to the various forwarded messages that i received.

 It is my observation that people forward those text messages which they genuinely like but when i reply them with my truth - they get irritated. A series of texting then starts to back up our arguments. At the end of it they ask me as to why do i take text messages so seriously and then when i counter question as to why shouldn't i - they laugh.

i ask whether all things that they do utter is a gibberish and should i start ignoring their text messages?

Should i consider everything that they say to me in person or through texting as a time-pass activity bearing no relevance to their being or our relation?

They feel scared to answer in affirmative because that would mean that i would give a damn even to that which they want me to take seriously. Words like - I love you, You are my best friend, Happy new year etc. would be equated to so called 'Thought of the day', 'Best lines', 'Heart touching sms' etc.

if they do answer in affirmative i keep on pestering them with messages that i know would irritate them no end.

i firmly believe that there is a psychology that works behind sending a particular message to a particular person. We do not forward all the text messages that we receive. We delete some immediately; we save others promptly. Most of the time we save and forward those messages which match our own thinking or philosophy of life. When this belief gets challenged by someone like me - we are quick to term the challenger of belief as a moron. The idea of objectively questioning the inherent message in our beliefs never does occur to us. Even when it does occur, we find some selfish justifications that suit our being to rule out any change in our personality. The comfort zone reigns supreme.

Strong reactions then follow;

Some stop messaging me altogether, some employ caution in doing so while others think twice before sending me a forwarded message. Then there are those too who start to dissect me instead of my responses. Few think that it is some kind of game that i engage into to prove that my thinking or being is superior to them. A few others wonder if it is my joblessness that makes me so free to respond to each and every message that i receive.

Well, i do send atleast a thousand messages a month. Thanks to BSNL that it costs me only twenty rupees now.

You can call me a die-hard texter, message stalker, king of sms or whatever you please. i know what i am and hence your name-calling does not bother me. No, i will not even politely say that i am nothing and a nothing need not worry about anything. Instead, i will insist that i am nothing less than everything.

The fact is that i rarely send forwarded messages. Most of my messages get created in response to the pathetic forwarded messages that i receive. Few of my messages are poetic while others are generous sharings of my life experiences. i love to communicate through text messaging and see to it that the communication is as honest as a word can be. i simply detest diplomatic, over the top, sorrowful, senti, cheap, vulgar messages and spare no time in responding to them appropriately. i am being adorned with the customary titles of being rude, intolerant, egotist, arrogant, selfish, and what not.

Trust me all these titles motivate me even more to continue my mission.

Why do i do this? What is my mission? Am i a sadist?

Well, i do this because i am aware of the importance of being in the NOW and HERE.

Text messaging is an excellent tool to be aware and awake in the now and here. Unlike forwarding stupid messages stupidly, texting requires us to type - that automatically brings in the now and here. More over, when you dare send a message to an admonisher like me, you are very attentive and careful of what you are texting or forwarding - that too helps a lot in making you alive to the present moment. The un-necessary talkativeness is reduced to necessary speech.

Even then when i keep on challenging those carefully selected messages by summarily dismissing part or entire content - you get hurt. i persistently keep on hurting your sentiments till my perseverance leads you to a stage where you either loose interest in messaging if you are a coward or you start to see yourself different or separate from your own thought if you are courageous enough.  In both cases a sort of detachment sets in which in itself is a victory of the spirit. The gross attachment from me and my message is negated which allows you to observe the subject matter of the message objectively and clearly. You then no more remain slaves of your own thoughts, pre-conceived notions or prejudiced beliefs. That is a big step taken by in the direction of seeing you as you and not as what you think. You are now gradually getting aware of the free willing spirit that rules your mind and not vice-versa.

Yes. i am rude. i am intolerant. i am egotist. i am arrogant. i am selfish and yes i am a sadist...
Tell me Oh mother, do you not rudely slap your child when she eats mud inspite of your cautioning?
Tell me Oh father, are you not intolerant of the son who plays with fire?
Tell me Oh you friend of friend, would you not be egotist if it comes to curbing down the ego of your dear friend?
Tell me Oh lover, shall you not be selfish in bringing happiness to your lover?
Tell me Oh God, do you not inflict pain & sorrow upon us so that we may know the virtue of pleasure & joy?
Tell me Oh reader, would you not share that state of being which is beyond the parable of joy & sorrow and is a bliss?

Tell me,
please do tell me...
i sincerely await your response...


Now sample a few text messages of mine :

51 hours from NOW...





Nothing is gonna change..
if we do not.


Each day is a god day...
Every hour is god sent...
Every moment is a god gift...
It is all about how YOU take it...
SAINT OBSERVS............................

After all,

A man's definition of foreplay..??




Half an hour of serious begging..!!


That of a woman's..?/







[ well, its blank...........for it ends before it starts ]

Philosophers and their philosophies can never be termed great, if they ever remain confined to just the spoken word.

TODAY IS TOO BIG A UNIT FOR ME TO GIVE IT MY BEST....instead i try to be as meditative as i can be in each & every moment of this precious life.

Honesty is not a risk but a virtue...nay...a few chosen ones do not even call it a virtue - it is just a natural way of life for them.

The ability to overcome challenges fall like a pack of cards when the intent is not TRUTHFUL.

may this...
may that...
best this...
worst that...
future planning...
past regrets...
Ah !
mind dwells in all these and more but  dies in this very moment.

LIFE is plain & simple but only to those who are as fearless, as trusting & as innocent as a child is.
Remember - "child-like" & not "childish"


One is bound to be a complete failure if one works or struggles for reward of SUCCESS.

One is surely a success if one works or struggles because one just enjoys it.

Politicians are good-natured and yes, they do win elections too...
Trees good-heartedly give their all and yet forge not relations...
WE are WHAT we CHOOSE to BE.

my mind is nothing without me..
with me it creates everything around me..


man but, and mind you man and only man is gifted with the free will to be what he pleases to be - GOD, BAD or UGLY...
man, barring a few awakened ones have hitherto chosen to be a bad case...

Man Is Bad Kase........isn't he?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

नहीं जानता...

क्यों हो जाता हूँ मैं इस कदर परेशान, नहीं जानता...
क्यों देखना चाहता हूँ मैं इंसान को इंसान, नहीं जानता...

यूँ तो रोज-रोज होता जाता है इंसान, हैवान से शैतान,
क्यों दिखाई दे जाता फिर भी उसमे भगवान्, नहीं जानता...

छलियों की एक फ़ौज सी खड़ी है तुम्हारे इर्द-गिर्द,
क्यों गुलाब, क्यों होते नहीं तुम लहू-लुहान, नहीं जानता...

चोर-उचक्कों की बारात के दुल्हे क्यों ना होंगे राजा,
क्यों मुसलसल मगर फकीर का ईमान, नहीं जानता...

जिसे देखो रातों-रात सितारा बन जाने की जुगाड़ में लगा है,
क्यों मगर सूरज को जलना इतना आसान, नहीं जानता...

देख कर ये भीषण महामारी, लग जाते हैं वो इलाज में,
क्यों होते कड़वे मगर ये मसीहाई निदान, नहीं जानता...

अपने में ही मस्त रहना सिखाते हैं मुझे ये दुनिया वाले,
क्यों कोयल मगर गाती सावन की अजान, नहीं जानता...

मेरी ही तरह रोता है हर शख्स ज़माने की बदहाली पर,
क्यों उसे मगर खुद की नेकी का गुमान, नहीं जानता...

नहीं जानता ये नामाकुल 'मनीष' ज़रा भी, कुछ भी,
क्यों मगर जानने वाले बने बैठे हैं नादान, नहीं जानता...

क्या आप जानते हैं......?????