Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The journey...

Sometimes...ya! only sometimes & not always..
when we first meet someone..
we do not know...ya! we just do not know..
what that someone is gonna mean to us..


The future is always a stranger..
what is past today was a future sometime..
if one is open to it..it becomes a present..a lovely present


She met me as a stranger...
& she wudn't look into the eyes of a stranger..
BUT she wasn't shy either..
& why wud she be..
after all we were meeting to see if we cud live together


i can feel ur eyes just got a glitter...
wait...it wasn't a date..
neither was it turning out to be anything great..
& how cud it..
afterall it was just a formal get-together


She was talking all the time to my granny...
behaving as if she was some MahaRani..
i was lost...i was bruised..
& why wudn't i be..
afterall, an Aries was facing a Leo


i liked her & her beauty too...
she was her & not on a duty too..
donno about her but we decided on meeting once more..
& why wudn't we..
afterall, soon we were going to get married


The courtship was something to remember...
love..lust..stupidity & lots n lots of blunder..
we behaved as if we were kids...
& why wudn't we...
afterall, i was the only kid that she is gonna get


The honeymoon brought her a lot of pain & pleasure...
but she was strong & she was clever..
she took it all in her own Leo stride..
& why wudn't she..
afterall, she was slowly turning into a wife that i always wanted her to be


The honeymoon got over...
life started to take its toll on us..
we lived as if everything was getting over..
& why wudn't we..
afterall, our relationship was turning mature & not sour


great things were in store for us...
we were loosing self & yes, that was a must..
coz by loosing ourselves, we found each other..
& why wudn't we..
afterall, we were gradually turning into soul mates that we were

Oh ! my...my

Look how well it has turned out to be...
now she is not she & i am no more me..
in togetherness we have found what some call bliss & some call glee..
& why wudn't we..
afterall, the journey has just begun..................................................................................................................................

isn't it...!!!
my dear Meghana...?
( Meghana is my wife since 27th november 1996)

Monday, September 28, 2009

This Raavan just doesnt die....

मन इच्छाओं से है भरा,

आँखें देखती है केवल त्वरा,

जुबां मांगे है सफलता ज़रा,

नाक पर बैठा है दंभ खरा,

स्पर्श देता है मुझको डरा,

कानो में ठूंस रुई मैं की,

कहता हूँ सबसे हैप्पी दशहरा,

पर सच कहूँ...

अभी रावण नहीं है मरा...............

Friday, September 25, 2009

Philosopphers & intellectuals in the world of Osho

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Osho was totally against Philosophy and many time insisted on meditation. But unfortunately many Osho lovers are into Philosophy and only Philosophy. I often wonder at the calamity that has happened to Osho world - that is, it is producing more philosophers than all the universities put together.

After reading Osho Books any one can become intelluctual and can debate, argue or philosophize on any topic. But what is the point of all this arguments and debates?. Do they lead to anything beautiful or of the beyond. The real challenge for the new man is meditation.

The essence of Osho teachings is meditation. Meditation will lead to silence, compassion and celebration. Osho's world does not need Nietzsche, Kant or Hegel, We need Buddhas and Mystics.

manish badkas said...
Dear Swamiji

Osho was never against philosophy. He was against philosophy remaining a drawing room discussion & was always for practicing philosophy in day to day life.

Osho was a professor of philosophy in Dr.Harisingh Gaur university at Sagaur in Madhya Pradesh & it is because of his deep study of works of Nietsche, Kant, Hegel (whom you name so disdainfully) & thorough intellectual debate within, that we know, where this people went wrong.

Osho made it easier for us to understand these, otherwise, genius people by showing us the traps of mind that they un-knowingly fell into. He added his pearls of wisdom to the half-truths that these gentleman believed in & paved the path for us to be aware of those pits.

Osho grew beyond philosophy & i am positive that the works of these philosophers had a definite hand in making him what he was & is...just as a valley is an un-seperable part of a gigantic mountain.

You can very well note from the tone & tenor of his discourses, provided you are willing to, that he was never against those people but was only pointing out where they faltered & that too was done to help us understand the fallacies & prowesses of the mind & not to disrespect those philosophers, which you so un-ashamedly indulge into.

i wonder, whether you would have written the same about Osho had you met him when he was just Rajneesh & not the Osho you know...???

Hope you mind & ponder intellectually in your meditation to create something beautiful & beyond.


July 4, 2009 6:53 AM
White Lotus said...
Dear Manish

I don't know what to reply.
Just one question - have you ever meditated in life? I mean any kind of meditation you have practiced sincerely?

Swami Amitabh

July 5, 2009 8:18 AM
manish badkas said...

Being in NOW & HERE is the only meditation i know & i dont know whether to term it meditation or a way of life...

manish badkas

July 15, 2009 5:38 AM

Thursday, September 24, 2009



ना कभी तुम्हे देखा, ना मुलाक़ात हुई, ना कोई पहचान,
चित्रों में ही बस देखा किया, नयन तुम्हारे तीर-बाण...

सुना गज़ब तुम्हारा जलवा, शब्दों की अजब ही शान,
पढना-सुनना जो शुरू किया, हुई महसूस मतवारी तान...

दिल ने कहा हो तुम्ही वो सखा, था जिससे में अब तक अनजान,
तंत्र तुम्हे और करीब लाया, शुक्र तेरा विज्ञान...

अब न वो में हूँ, न वो तुम हो, जैसे दो जिस्म हों एक जान,
अंधियारा सारा मिट गया, तज गया सब ज्ञान..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i simply adore this word "BLAME" ; its last two syllables sound 'me'

Olivia Judson is so right when she says she wants intelligent Aliens for us humans who can objectively tell humans as to what exactly is the problem with them. Humans definately can't assess themselves, however, i do firmly believe that everyone can heal self provided the self controls the mind & not the opposite.

i humbly present my case to you :

Any murder is tragic..no quarrels on that issue but to squarely blame the law & administration for the same is not only specious but also akin to the irresponsible thinking that some God or someone will come to rescue us from our sorrows & challenges while we continue to remain unconscious of the times we live in. This habit of not willing to take onus on oneself for ones own life events is precarious & spells doom for the self.In a way it depicts that one is under the firm grip of his/her own mind for whom blaming is a favourite pass time. Mind you this tendency of mind reigning control over the conscious self is not gender specific & not new by any stretch of imagination. We humans seldom learn from our mistakes...thanks to the blame game that so deeply prevails in our societies.

Look, i am not saying that the law & order is not a states responsibility...it is but an administration is made up of a group of elected or selected individuals who have come from the same society which has induldged so much in the blame game, from times immemorial,that it has completely forgot to take responsibility of the self, leave apart others.Is it not preposterous to even think that a politician, an administrator, a police offical,a journalist, a doctor, a judge, a lawyer, a teacher...or any professional for that matter will be more honest, more prudent, more ethical, more sensitive, more law abiding, more spiritual than the rest of the society...??? After all, this professional is born & brought up in the same selfish, cunning, corrupt, insensitive, law breaking, God fearing & not God loving society & so how can you expect him/her to be any different...??? Is not an individual true reflection of the society itself...??? Is it not, then, asking too much from these administrators to protect lives of each one of us, where ever & when ever we are...??? Is it not like asking them to be Gods in their fields & grant our wishes when even Gods fail in doing so...???

That we still get to see a few different individuals, going about their job with loads of passion, dedication & honesty is a welcome sign of relief but such individuals are exceptions & not norms of the society or the system,in fact, they are what they are, inspite of the society. In fact, society tries very hard to make them like itself, tortures them in their hay days for not being one with it, punishes them for being different till they succeed. Abhinav Bindra being the latest example.Thankfully, there is no dearth of such examples, be it Gandhi, Einstein, Kiran Bedi, Barkha Dutta, Dr Reddy, K G Balakrishnan, T N Sheshan, Aamir Khan, M S Dhoni....etc. etc. to name a few known personalities among a stream of many many unknown ones.No matter how big the quantity of such different individuals is, they are still very far & few when compared to the vast & roaring sea of society filled with blaming individuals.

Nobody invites death, even if it is natural, so it is childish to think that someone invites murder. Tell me, whom do you blame for un-natural deaths caused by AIDS, cancer, heart-attack, diabetes, malaria, sunamis, earthquakes, tornedos, snake bite etc.YES...i dare call them "un-natural". Just ask the one who is suffering from these diseases or whose loved ones have gone through such an ordeal & you will know the truth. A death is tragic...whether its natural or not..because it is death, all the same.We are all victims of death.

Alternately, we can also accept death as an un-detachable part of life & stop blaming others for it.With due regards,the dead are not blaming anyone. They lived their life the way they wanted to & must be at peace with themselves, possibly laughing to see us mortals so fearful about death, right now. Blaming can not free you from the fear of death, accepting it the way it is, can.If you can not live without blaming, then blame yourself...for being afraid...for being so greedy...for choosing life over death...for not being different from the society...for not living fully enough...

Blaming, albeit, if is a business then its altogether a different phenomenon.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Man is a bad case....isnt it?
सोच है फ़क़त एक सोच, ये फरेब-ओ-गम की बातें,
नज़र आई हकीकत जो हुए रूबरू हकीकत से हकीक़तन..

शुक्रगुजार हूँ ऊन ज़ख्मो का जो शर्मसार कर गए,
सूरत बिगाड़ने का क्यूँ दूँ इल्जाम जब सीरत संवार गए..

कसा है खुदी ने खुदा की खुदाई पे क्या खूब तमाचा,
पूजता भी है और पूछता भी है के ये क्यूँ है और वो क्यूँ है...

मांगी थी दिल से एक दुआ के दिखा दे कोई राह,
शिकवा अब ये के सफ़र-ए-मंजिल ऐसा क्यूँ है और वैसा क्यूँ है...

बन्दों से हुई जो मोहब्बत तो बंदगी हो गयी,
सवाल ये कैसा के ये ऐसा क्यूँ है और वो वैसा क्यूँ है...

ग़मों से दोस्ती जो हुई तो गम गम न रहे 'मनीष',
ताज्जुब सिर्फ ये के ये हैरत-ओ-अंगेज़ करिश्मा हुआ तो हुआ क्यूँ...