Thursday, December 25, 2008

WHO AM i...?

एक नही, अद्वितीय हूँ मैं,
त्रिशक्ति से लबरेज, चतुर्थ आयाम हूँ मैं,
पञ्च तत्वों से बना, वो षष्ठंम भी मैं,
सप्त्सुरी गीतों और सतरंगी ख्वाबों से भरा वो समुंद भी मैं,
आंठों पहर हूँ जागता, नवरसों का धनि हूँ मैं,
दसों दिशाओं में विचरता वो दशावतार हूँ मैं,
हर एक में बसा वो एक भी मैं,
देख सके तो देख के तू ही हूँ मैं...

A to Z of terrorism

Man is a bad case....isnt it?


Astrologer = A terrorist earning his/her bucks by taking advantage of the fear of FUTURE that exists in the minds of his/her patrons.


Buisnessman = A man terrifying his customers by labeling his products " terrific" & other's as "horrific".


Cricketer = Terrifying you with his no balls, wide balls & free hits that crash your windows & asks you to pay...errr play.


Doctor = He is licensed to kill but does not kill, instead, he terrifies you with tests, reports, x-rays & prescriptions for which he gets commission & freebies. Never mind the un-healthy bills.


Engineer = His designs are bound to kill you. A master of adulteration. We wont need encroachment removal department if he has his way.


Father = A man who introduces you to terror. Do it as i say or.............


Girlfriend = forever terrorising you to not to touch her before marriage.


Husband = Best example of how a terrified person turns into a terrorist himself..


Industrialist = A sophisticated terrorist with police, law, politician, media & almost everything else but for honesty on his side. WHY...???? bcoz money is power, silly !

Judiciary =
Terrorises you with their orders given with blindfolded eyes & senses insensitive to sense the tilt of balance. Time is something it has in abundance but the same can not be said for justice.

Kkkiller serials
= i need to elaborate...????


Lawyers = Terrorising you with their black coats & black knowledge. Laws are for laymans. They are beyond laws coz they can fix it...twist it... & make you look like a fool.

Media =
Terrorizing you early in the morning, in fact 24 into 7, in such interesting ways that you & me are bound to think that they are our saviours. Spreading terror is their hobby.

Netas =
Leaders that lead from the front in terrorising us. First they seek your trust vote, then they pretend that they are your servants & then they make a parasite out of you...helpless & hopeless parasite...

Osama =
Poor chap ! He feels lonely at the top. The guy needs to check this list.He is in august company.


Police = Custodians of terror. What to do...??? They will all lose their jobs if there are no thieves, no pirates, no criminals....


Quran = The holy text used by the perpetrators of terrorism to justify acts of terror...for that matter one can include all the holy texts including The Bible, The Gita & The Granth Sahib...


Rationalist = A terrorist who indulges in dividing the planet Earth into man made divisions of caste, creed, colour, country & sex. No prizes for guessing the current heart throb...its no more a secret...a raj


Students = Terrorizing parents, teachers, society, fellow motorists & bikers, industry etc. etc. all alike with their "me, myself & me again" attitude. Net is their weapon to do so. Beware...they are intelligent criminals in a hurry to reach the top.

Teachers =
They terrorize you with their teachings. They teach you their perspective of truth & not the truth. They fill your minds with filth instead of educating (to draw you out). Watch Aastha & Sanskar channels to know the 'jhooth'.

U =
Yes you..... & me too...when we become part of the list by giving in to fear or terror to justify our immediate greed. Acts such as purchasing or taking on rent pirated cd's, Dvd's, bribing, not paying tax, destroying - damaging - dirtying public places, national property & mother Earth...etc. etc. all fall in this category.

VIP's =
President, Governors, CJI, Commissioners, Collectors, Majistrates & so on & so forth terrorize common man by mis-using power. Their carcades render us insecure & their demeanour makes us greedy for power.


Wives = A must have...if you want to learn to fight terrorism. As a T-Shirt read " i am not afraid of terrorists............................i am married"


X-factor = No one knows what it is...may be its a knack to know how not to be at wrong places at the wrong time. Do not consult Vilasrao Deshmukh & sons...


Youngistan = Thats the place to be if you feel more terrorized after reading this terrifying blog. Contact Pepsi co. for more details.

= thats what is left to do if you can not be the change that you are so desperately & passionately seeking in others.