Monday, February 28, 2011


Intoxication is not that which is consumed from the outside; is sold in liquor bottles or is inhaled from the outside...
Addiction is not that which makes us its slave or dependent...
Doped we are for certain till our mind is affixed on anything but ॐ
सत्य ही हो ॐ तो संसार है
वर्ना तो बस सोम वार है..!!

Relationships get thin when ego is thick...
A child is diseased when upbringing is sick...
A seed has to struggle with climatic conditions in order to flower...
कर मंगल तो है मंगल
वर्ना तो जीवन है दंगल..!!

Brain is the master organ of our body...
It thinks,
stores all informations as mind
has an immaculate power of analysis too...
Our conscience but decides what we choose to do with the power...
बोध ही गौतम बुद्ध है
वर्ना तो बस बुद्धू समझो..!!

Knowledge it is to know the five elements of life...
Wisdom it is to know the sixth...
Art it is to be the sixth...
Master he is who can show the sixth...
सत् होता है सत् गुरु
माया भी लेकिन लगती है गुरु..!! 

We pray when we are in pain...
We thank when we are in gain...
True prayer
is wordless;
True gratitude
is choiceless...
शुक्र है तो शुक्रवार है
वर्ना तो रोना बार-बार है..!!

Success comes easy to those who compromise with their ethics...
but then that success is never satisfactory;
Fearful are those who worry more about their failure rather than their internal happiness...
Shani says shun the disbelief in you
I am all yours...
शनि कहता कर ले मुझसे प्यार रे
रहू-केतु तो इस दुनिया में अपार रे..!!

Each day is a god day...
Every hour is god sent...
Every moment is a god-gift...
It is all about how we take it...
Good accepts willingly
Bad selects greedily
Ugly rejects cunningly
Saint just observes patiently...

रवि जो चमके तो रविवार है
वर्ना तो कल फिर सोम वार है..!!

Today is too big a unit for me to give my best;
Instead, i try to be as much meditative as i can be in each and every moment.
You know opportunities are forever in NOW & HERE...

राम रटे जो राम मिले
राम रटूं हर पल
रटते-रटते मर-मरा हम गए
न राम मिले न पल
पल पल पल जो जी लेते
न कल होते न फल..!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"कहाँ गए भले लोग?"

i  share a letter written to the famous Mr. Pritish Nandy on the subject matter of the blame game that we indians indulge into..

This is apropos to your article titled "कहाँ गए भले लोग?" published on editorial page of "दैनिक भास्कर" dated April 15th, 2010.

i would like to share the following on the subject ;

Is it not preposterous to even think that a politician, an administrator, a police offical,a journalist, a doctor, a judge, a lawyer, a teacher...or any professional for that matter will be more honest, more prudent, more ethical, more sensitive, more law abiding, more spiritual than the rest of the society...???

After all, this professional is born & brought up in the same selfish, cunning, corrupt, insensitive, law breaking, God fearing & not God loving society & so how can you expect him/her to be any different...???

Is not an individual true reflection of the society itself...???

Is it not, then, asking too much from these administrators to protect lives & safeguard wellness of each one of us, where ever & when ever we are...???

Is it not like asking them to be Gods in their fields & grant our wishes when even Gods fail in doing so...???

That we still get to see a few different individuals, going about their job with loads of passion, dedication & honesty is a welcome sign of relief but such individuals are exceptions & not norms of the society or the system,in fact, they are what they are, inspite of the society.

As a matter of fact, society tries very hard to make them like itself.., tortures them in their hay days for not being one with it, punishes them for being different till they succeed.

Abhinav Bindra being the latest example.Thankfully, there is no dearth of such examples, be it Gandhi, Einstein, Kiran Bedi, Barkha Dutta, Dr Reddy, K G Balakrishnan, T N Sheshan, Aamir Khan, M S Dhoni....etc. etc. to name a few known personalities among a stream of many many unknown ones...

No matter what the quantity of such amazingly passionate individuals is, they are still very far & few when compared to the vast & roaring sea of society filled with blaming individuals & that equation needs to CHANGE & change asap.

i am not only confident but very HOPEFUL that this will happen...

it is happening already..

can you see it..??

This equation has always been 15% is to 85%, in the favour of what you call dotards ( i call them machines ), but still this world is a beautiful place because of this very 15% humans who are very very powerful when compared to 85% machines...

Do watch MATRIX trilogy ( Original vcd/Dvd please...) & you will know what i intend to say..

Few more examples from the past are ;

Krishna v/s Kans & the army..

Rama v/s Ravana & the army..

5 Pandavas v/s 100 Kauravas..

God bless..
Man is a bad case....isnt it?

Saturday, February 26, 2011


A politician tries hard to to show off the brighter side of his personalityby wearing sparkling white clothes.
We all know what he actually reveals through his acts...
Still, it is better not to judge the person by affixing a permanent label on him for a lifetime. Its prudent to know the act or the event as it is though.

आदमी को आँक कर  
वस्तु बना देते हैं हम,
कृत्यों को उसके
दिल से लगा लेते हैं हम,
घटना थी एक
घट गई,
अतीत को किन्तु
वक्ष से लगा लेते हैं हम...

देख लें
आगे बढ़ें
जियें पल दो पल,
बीते को नाम दे मगर
अमिट बना लेते हैं हम...

शंका और भय से
होकर हम लिप्त,
ज्ञान को अपने
अंतिम मान लेते हैं हम...

कल सुनहरा करने को
मिलता हर क्षण एक सुअवसर,
सुरक्षा के फेर में लेकिन
अवसरों की चिता बना लेते हैं हम...

हार-जीत का इतना
आग्रह है हमको,
की अद्वैत के इस खेल को
द्वन्द बना लेते हैं हम...

Man Oh Man....!!!
you either occupy yourself crying and lamenting of the past or you keep yourself busy dreaming about the distant future............
That, it seems is the only way you know to make use of the gift called present. 

Man, hitherto, is a bad case....isnt it?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ये सच

कितना अधुरा लगता है तब,
जब बादल हो और बरसात ना हो...
जब ज़िन्दगी हो और प्यार ना हो...
जब आँखें हो और प्रकाश ना हो...
जब तुम हो पर साथ ना हो...
( ये उपरी  ५ पंक्तियाँ एक टेक्स्ट मेसेज का मजमून हैं... बस उपरी-ऊपर ही हैं...)

ये अधुरापन..
ये अकेलापन..
ये खालीपन..
लाख करो कोशिश कमबख्त भरता ही नहीं...
ना पूरा होगा ये ख्वाब..
ना कोई हमदम मिलेगा..
ना ही इसे भर सकेगी दुनिया..
यूँ ही बना रहेगा
ये सूनापन..
सदैव, शास्वत, सनातन...
की कुदरतन
इसकी फितरत ही कुछ ऐसी है...

It's like that one black hole in the milky way which gobbles up everything that it comes accross...yes even entire universes, and yet remains ever empty.............

पर ना-उम्मीदी की भी
कोई जगह नहीं है यहाँ...
मुँह लटका फिरने को
आए नहीं हम यहाँ...
क़ुबूल हो जो दिल से
ये सच,
तो मन  एक हो जाए
इस अधूरेपन से ..
इस खालीपन से..
यूँ कहिये की
"मन  इश " हो जाए.. 
अभी और यहाँ...!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


मुझ पत्थर-दिल को ताउम्र ये मुश्किल रही,
दिल हमेशा मेरा भारी-भारी ही रहा..!!

हल्का करना चाह जब भी मैंने दिल को,
बातें मेरी सबको वजनी ही लगीं..!!

दिल मेरा यूँ एक रोज में हुआ ना पत्थर,
सख्तियाँ तमाम उसपर ज़माने की हुईं..!!

संगीन ये हालात और मजबूत कर गए बुत को,
दुशवारियाँ टूटे दिल की फिर हमको ना हुईं..!!

वक़्त जनाजे के बेदम हुए लोगों ने कहा,
शुक्र "मनीष" से यारानियाँ ना हुईं..!!
Man is  bad case....isnt it?

Friday, February 11, 2011

कल रात..

कल रात..

कल रात एक और ख्वाब का खून हुआ

एक अरमान और दफन हुआ

एक और उम्मीद ने साथ छोड़ा...

ना दिल टूटने की कोई आवाज़ हुई

ना कोई आंसू गिरा

और ना ही मौत ने गले लगाया

ख्वाब ही तो था...

नहीं जानता था

सुबह इतनी जल्द हो जाएगी

हकीकत यूँ

मुहँ-बाएं खड़ी नज़र आएगी

इश्क की बस

दास्तान ही रह जायेगी...


जब आँख खुली तब ही सवेरा

किसी तरह तो दूर हुआ अँधेरा

शुक्रिया ए दोस्त...

की दिखाया तुने मुझे मेरा असली चेहरा

मिलवाया उस से जो असल मैं है मेरा..!!

फिर वो इश्क नहीं

जो एक लम्हे को भी दर्दनशीं हो जाए

हमने तो ये जाना की

इश्क हर लम्हे को बंदगी कर जाए

दर्द हो या हो फिर सुकून

इश्क सभी को


सा अपनाए..!!

ज़मीनी हकीकत भुला

लगे थे हम

आसमान छु लेने की कवायद में

कैसे भला जीते वो ज़िन्दगी

जो ख़ुशी और ग़म के पार है..!!

तकदीर बदलना

चाहते थे हम

तदबीर के दम पर

कैसे क्या मुस्कुराते वो मुस्कान

जो आती है सर के कट जाने के बाद..!!

इश्क वो दर्द है

जिसकी ना कोई दवा ना दारु

एक तीर है जो दिल के पार है

पर ना तो कोई ज़ख्म ना कोई बीमारू

देवदास सारे टुन्न यहाँ

की मिली नहीं पारो

मीरा लेकिन महज एक मूरत पे

ये वारूँ वो वारूँ..!!

रंग-रूप के चक्कर में मत पड़ ज़ालिम

रंग-रूप भटकाता है
(ऊपर की दो पंक्तिया साभार श्री यशवंत मेहता से उधार ली हैं)

भटक-भटक कर ही लेकिन आदिम

लौट फिर घर को आता है..!!

किसी में महबूब जो नज़र आए

तो जान लेता हूँ की

इंसान हुआ, शायद..!!

लोग चोट पहुंचाए तो

 महबूब को पुकार लेता हूँ, शायद..!!

पर जब

महबूब ही दर्द देता लगे

तो जान लेता हूँ की

इबादत मेरी कमज़ोर है अभी...


हर सूँ, और हर शय

जब हो जाए महबूब

तो जानने वाला भी कहाँ बच रहेगा...?

खो जाता हूँ

खो जाता हूँ

Saturday, February 5, 2011

WE - the people

Agreed that the money is in the Swiss banks and we poor Indians need to do something about it even if it is as harmless, as stupid, as toothless, as superficial as forwarding an e-mail...

But the real question which every Indian needs to categorically ask of himself/herself is who is gonna throw the proverbial first stone on the so called culprits..??

who do not pay our taxes honestly..

who steal electricity..

who bribe to get our work done..

who break traffic rules..

who break the laws if no one is watching..

who accept and indulge in corruption as a part of life..

who openly indulge in piracy..

who bend rules to suit our own selfish interests..
who get thirsty of blood in the name of protecting religion n culture

who need no provocation to go to war if its against Pakistan




The politicians whom we term nasty are indeed chosen by us and are indeed one among us - only difference being they get a bigger amount to loot, but looters we all are in some or the other walk of life...

The bureaucrats whom we criticise so often are raised in the same society as we all are and they are just as corrupt as we all are in our day-to-day life...

The industrialists who are filthy rich today by employing dirty business tactics are in fact, our icons. Do we not secretly want to be in their position at some or the other point of life..?

The contractors & the engineers who build our nation so fragile that it is mockery to call it a developing nation anymore, too come from the same rotten society which thinks of satisfying its greed at any cost- come what may...

The lobbyists & the power brokers whom we blame of deceit are no more deceitful than we are in our day-to-day personal and professional lives.

The police is as drunk with the power of uniform as hallucinated we are about our duties as a law abiding citizen.
Are not WE..??

The lawyers that we hate of saving criminals of fame are as justified to do so as we are in trying to find an easy way out to earn our living by rendering the constitution of India as an imaginary thing or  terming it draconian...

The fake currency or the spurious drugs that we so hate to get is as pirated as we ourselves have become with time...

The judges are as partisan as we all are when it comes to making huge profits or saving skins of our kith n kins...

The doctors are as forgetful of the Hippocratic oath to serve as we all are in following work-ethics in our respective duties...

The teachers are as business like in their approach towards educating our children to become a mechanical part of THE SYSTEM as we all are...

The list can go on and on and prove just one point that WE are equally responsible for this state of our country as the governance of past 60 years or so...


Then n only then WE will have the moral, physical & intellectual strength to rightfully question the deeds of others n bring about the envisaged CHANGE.
Till then just bear the fact that MAN IS in deed a BAD CASE and we are no different...

Man is a bad case....isnt it?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just read and forget about it....

व्यक्ति को नहीं
बात को पकड़
बातों में निहित भावना को जकड़
तब दूर खड़े हो देख अपनी इस भावना को
अब तू इस जगत से आज़ाद है....!!!!!!!!!!!!


"A car needs as much force of positive ACCELERATION,
as much  negative energy it requires in BREAKING.
The clutch facilitates shifting of gears by itself not CLUTCHING to anything; but it is the DRIVER who drives the car smoothly by deciding as to which, what , when, why and how to use the options available to him.
The driver who employs EQUANIMITY by having no preference of one choice over another is the best. He does so by responding to the need of the moment."
                                                       - Michael Scchumakar

"CHOICELESS AWARENESS is a conscious decision to remain impartial to the life moments and the events therein.
It is like playing one ball at a time in the game of cricket. You don't dwell in past by thinking of the previous delivery that almost got your wicket; nor do you think of the past records or runs that you have scored; neither do you dream of the century that is on the taking.
You just concentrate on the ball and enjoy the game, ball by ball, the way it comes. You play the ball on its merits and to the best of your abilities.
Bliss it is............................."
                                                 -Sachin Tendulkar

"ATTITUDE is germane to how we actually live our life on a day-to-day.....nay......on a moment-to-moment basis.
What we think is secondary.
                                                 - Roger federer

"All the faces of the people, as also of the life, look beautiful when we allow the heart to rule our mind.
The sad thing is that the heart, so filled with love & compassion, most of the time is over ruled by a mind governed by pride n prejudice."
                                                       - Aamir Khan

"Anger raises its ugly face when the lust n desires that we have from the life do not get fulfilled.
They never will.........."
                                                      - John McKenero

"The mindset which looks at situations as WORST or BEST shall never be able to free itself from the parities of life."
                                                      - Sri Sri Ravishankar

"The unfinished search, because of which we all are born, is how to be one with the one...???

A single sperm has 37.5 mega bytes of DNA information stored in it. It means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587.5 giga bytes in 3 seconds and we thought google is faster.....

Then again, only one out of these millions of sperms gets a stupendous chance to be human; and only one out of such billions of human beings really tries to realise himself; and only one out of such trillions of travellers triumphs in being one with the one.

Oh! what a rarity the prophets, their arrival and their words of wisdom are and we think that possessing a zillion dollars is everything.....

Wake up please !!
Wake Up to the voice within !!
i beg you.............pleeeeeez
Its a God day to begin................"
                                                      - John Cohen

"The fact that we are all so very special in our own natural way is so common that we try to become extra-ordinary in the crowd of specials and thus lose our original UNIQUENESS."
                                                     - ShahRukh Khan

"The LIFE that we live in the outside; for the outside; by the outside can be a bliss if we are at utmost peace with the life that throbs in the inside."
                                                     - Mother Teresa

"The population of India would not have been what it is today had we known what to do with our creative juices......
F*** India F***
F*** till everything perishes...."

                                                    - Salman Rushdie

"The effort to break an argument for the sake of some or other inherent fear and not out of love for silence; is also an argument."
                                                   - Vikram Seth

"TODAY is too big a unit for me to do my level best...
Instead I try to be as much meditative as I can be in each and every moment.
Opportunities are enormous and forever in the NOW & HERE."
                                                      - Osho

Every hour is god sent...
Every moment is god gift...
Its all about how we take it;
Good one accepts..
Bad one selects..
Ugly one rejects..
Saint observs...............

hitherto..., Man has been a bad case.....


                                                                                                                                                     - MAN IS BAD KASE