Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wanna Know intentions behind Amir Khan's Tv show Satya Mev Jayte.......??

Dear Mr Pritish Nandi,

Read your article 'सत्यमेव जयते' के मायने on the editorial page of today that is 19th july, 2012 Dainik Bhaskar newspaper.

By reading the very first and last line of your article it becomes apparently clear to me that you, as a journalist, are very well aware of the INTENTION or MANSHA of Amir Khan's effort to host and produce a Tv programme like Satya Mev Jayte, which you keep on repeatedly questioning, judging and mentioning in your article.

I am "Priti" (pun intended) much sure that you keep on investigating Amir Khan's intention in your article in order to push the readers and the journalist lobby to think as to what they, as an individual are doing in their day to day life to take up a brave stand on important social issues raised in Satya Mev Jayte. I feel that you want the people of India to change themselves if they really want Indian System or Society to change. I appreciate the way you instigate the readers, fan followers and opposers of Amir Khan and Satya Mev Jayte.

Yes - indeed, that is the INTENTION or MANSHA of Amir Khan and Satya Mev Jayte too. They do not want to wait for some Gandhi or Subhash Chandra Bose or Azaad or Jaynarayan or Anna Hazaare type of leader to lead Or guide Indian society to reach their final destination of peace and bliss. They are the Sufis of today's world who do not even want to pathetically depend on some kind of AVATAR to take birth in India to serve Indain society with some kind of magical or godly solution to the soulful, spiritual and yet dependent people of India.

Indians today, do need to serve themselves by carefully listening to the voice of their own conscience if they really want to change the scenario or situation of the place and life they live in. Their positive wish or will should not end up when the show ends by getting emotional and shedding tears on what Satya they observe during the show. In fact, their day to day deeds should reflect their positive deed and thinking by really trusting that Truth Always Prevails - Satya Mev Jayte.

Thanks for understanding all this and more and helping Amir in his selfless effort and why will you not understand the intention..??

After all, you indeed are a "Nandi"( pun intended again).

May Lord "Shiva" bless you.



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