Thursday, November 29, 2012



To & For,

My dear KalpeshYsachin,

Mr. Kalpesh Yagnik is that national editor of DAINIK BHASKAR newspaper group who got so irritated/defused/confused/sick with my continuous and candid feedback on his articles published in Dainik Bhaskar that he has blocked my e-mails to reach him through He has gone out of his mind, i believe, because he didn't expect a good for nothing mere reader will critically analyse his articles and thereby his limited vision. It seems that these hierarchy authorities just expect and accept praising mails or feedback. Or else as a humble human being he must have at least responded to one of my observation. 

May be high-handed, so called successful people suffer with this egoistic attitude to not to respond even once to COMMON READERS like me. Probably, they trust that we readers have no right to send critical analysis or feedback to their kind of superstar personalities. They forget that it is because of our readership and liking that they reached the status that they enjoy so thanklessly today. They easily forget that they too were just a common man like us some time ago.

These so called reporters of print or electronic media run a lot of 'sting operations' to earn their good guy position or status in the society but then my simple query is why can't they themselves face the same inquiry against their real intentions behind the scene.

Why not we readers start an EXPOSE the MEDIA CAMPAIGN against a media which considers itself much more powerful than anyone else on this universe including GOD...!!


By sending my those messages which i have blogged on MAN IS BAD KASE -, published on my facebook account wall, shared on my twitter account by the name of manish badkas to the following e-mail addresses

Of course, you do that only if you choose to do that after listening to the voice of your conscience. Of course you do that once you really believe that my messages and their intention is not to trouble someone or to insult someone but are appropriate enough to humanly point out at the truth that exists as a light within all of us.

Can you help me..??
pleeeeez do help me....i need it !!  

Do whatever your inner voice of conscience guides you to do. After all, its your choice and you are free to choose what you want/unwanted, like/dislike, love/hate, etc. etc. etc.....isn't it...???


your wishes, your desires, your actions, your reactions, your responses, your feedback, your comments, etc. etc. etc. need to come from your positive energy of COMPASSIONATE LOVE & not from negative vibe of DISPASSIONATE LUST.


God bless you :-)  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Read this article only if you have COMMON SENSE

LIFE of PI is a must must must watch film in its superb 3D version.
is it GODLINESS...???
our knowledge, our IQ, our intellect, our success, our stardom, our fame, our bachelor or master's degrees, our richness etc etc etc is not gonna help us enjoy the LIFE of PI
our heartfelt innocence, our soulful love, our common sense and our wisdom and that too if GOD is willing, might help us...
Try it.

That brings me to the topic of COMMON SENSE too...

Considering the army of in numerous non-sensible or insensible people that we come across in our dates to day lives and very well knowing the huge presence of an irresponsible society full of intellectually selfish cowards who purposefully keep quiet by intelligently terming their mum as some kind of 'spiritual state of silence' to gain some status from this very society are, in fact, the most selfish individuals alive on planet Earth.

I say so because i trust that 'silence of a well balanced, highly responsible because of his current successful status in this society, good/god man is much much more unbalancing in nature than words of a imbalanced, irresponsibly talkative MAN IS BAD KASE like me.'

Right naa...??

Common sense is not at all a gift, my dear buddy... is a grave punishment, because one with common sense has to deal with everyone, every moment of his life with people who do not have it.

Try to make people with less or miniscule percentage of common sense in their daily attitude or daily habits and you will know why i call it a 'grave punishment'. Trust me, first they will ignore you & your words of wisdom. Secondly, they will try to ridicule you along with the big lobby that they have in their support as partners of dime. Thirdly, they will start fighting with you if you still do not stop or keep quiet. Lastly, the truth wins - satya mev jayte as indian currency legitimately mentions below 'Ashok Stambh' which Amir Khan's Tv show recently rejuvenated in our hearts.


This article is not at all about you, me, people, their IQ percentage or grave punishment that speakers has to suffer with. Its about meditatively balancing the HORMONAL IMBALANCE of MOTHER NATURE by consciously living in NOW & HERE with CHOICE-LESS AWARENESS.

Oshoites might get the point i am insensibly trying to make but to the rest i can just request to understand the message that i explicitly try to convey through my enormous text messages, e-mails, blogs, facebook walls.

I can just hope that they do because as someone rightly said, " KNOWLEDGE CAN BE GIVEN BUT WISDOM CANNOT BE GIVEN."
I say ditto is with COMMON SENSE too.

Man is bad case....isnt it?

Monday, November 26, 2012

परदे में रहने दो...

परदे में रहने दो
पर्दा ना उठाओ
पर्दा जो खुल गया तो 

आप वो समझें जो आपको सुकून दे जाए
हम वो कहते/करते हैं जो हमको रास आये 
झगडा फिर किस बात का है 'बेदार'
यादें महबूब की चाहे हमें हंसाये या फिर रुलाये ..??

आंसू आनंद के हों या हो फिर गम के 
वो आशिक ही कैसा 
जो रोये दूसरों को परवरदिगार, गुनाहगार या कसूरवार समझ के ..??

तुम चाहे जितने बन सकें लगा सकते हो यारों 
मुझ नाचीज पर अपनी अक्ल लगाकर तरह-तरह के तमगे 
कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता चाहे फिर गोरे हों या काले हों वे तमगे ...

वैसे भी सिर्फ मेरे बोल, 
मेरी वाणी या मेरे अंदाज को सबकुछ मानकर पेश किये गए हैं वे तमगे ...

जान लो मुझसे ही तुम ये आज 
सुकून मेरे अल्फाजों में नहीं 
एक नश्तर सा एहसास है 
चुभती है मेरी वाणी सदा से लोगों को यूँ ही 
वैसे एक दिलवाले कान की हमको भी 
सदा से ही रही तलाश है ...

जाने कब के चुप हो जाते हम बेदर्दी कसम से 
शुक्राने आपके !!
के वो बर्दाश्त-इ-हुनर आप सब सबुरी वाले लोगों के पास है ...

कल्पेश याग्निक जी की परिभाषा के अनुसार तो 
खुदाया !!
खुदा भी गलत, खुदाई भी ग़मगीन 
और खुदाया, खुदी तो खैर है ही नमकीन 
परदे में जो रख छोड़ा है
 खुदा ने सबकुछ !!??!!
न कभी कहा खुदा ने खुलकर की "वो है"
और न ही कभी वो इतराया 'दीनिक भास्कर" की तरह ये कहकर की 'हमने किया'   

ग़ालिब तुझे हम वाली ही समझते 
गर ना तू बदखार होता 
की किस बेखुदी में ना खोलकर भी 
खोल गए तुम ये राज़ की;
कह सके कौन
 की ये जल्वागिरी किसकी है
   पर्दा रख छोड़ा है वो उसने 
     उठाये ना बने ...   

Thursday, November 22, 2012

पापी का नहीं पाप का अंत करो...

किसी कि मौत की इच्छा करते हुए देशवासियों का परोपकारी दिल तो जाने कब का दैनिक भास्करी तोप और ताप के चलते मर ही चूका है ।

True lovers do not rule upon others or their will. They do not either wish or demand death sentence for someone even if that someone is guilty of a barbarian behaviour at some point of time. They just compassionately keep on doing human efforts to transform the negative energy, understanding, thinking or belief into a soulful positive ray, love, behaviour or trust.

Death, for true lovers is not the only way to stop criminals from committing anymore crimes. Fear, for them is not the ultimate option to bring peace too. Death of a terrorist, naxalist or a criminal is not some kind of an end of terrorism, naxalism or criminalism. True lovers do not consider death as some kind of immortal punishment for anyone. Death, for true lovers is like a start of a spiritual life which allows heir spirit to live with God in His supreme presence and guidance.

The art of living meditatively in NOW & HERE is not by getting prejudiced with their own beliefs. Neither it is in considering, labelling or terming WHITE keys of a PIANO LIFE as "Happy Moments" & BLACK keys of PIANO LIFE as "Sad Moments". It is possible only by living every moment & accepting every moment 'as it is' or 'as it happens'.

God lovers or Godly musicians do not choose keys with prejudiced or closed mind. They choose those black or white keys or notes which perfectly suits to be chosen by them at that point of TIME. That is how they create a harmonical or musical LIFE.

My dear Kalpesh Yagnik ji in his today's front page editorial shrewdly terms hanging Azmal Kasaab till death as a much awaited justice done against the barbaric crime that Kasaab did commit.

Justice for whom..??

For those who got barbarically killed that day..??

For their surviving families..??

For Kasaab & his family who kept on asking forgiveness and urged for one last chance from God & us till the last moment of his death..??


For us who are celeberating a criminal's death as if we all are so pure & sacred that we have not committed, are not committing & will never committ any crime whatsoever in our life..??

A crime is a crime whether its killing, raping, bribing, getting bribed, breaking traffic or signal rules, or doing anything against the law of God or the constitution of India. No matter how big or small it is - it deserves punishment.

Are we prepared to call ourself innocent OR are we ready to face the punishment of being guilty..??

Kalpesh ji foolishly supports the killing of a criminal instead of killing his crime or criminal nature. His partial genius purposefully ignores the most pertinent question of all time as to



May be in today's India intellectual views of a NATIONAL EDITOR of the HIGHEST SELLING & BIGGEST NEWSPAPER of India is much more valuable than the compassionate & loving expressions of THE FATHER OF THE NATION who empathetically once said :
पापी का नहीं पाप का अंत करो...   right....??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

मन इश बद केस ;-)

This is in reference to the funny statement made by none other but Shri Shyamdas ji who ironically happens to be a so called Mahamandleshwar at Jabalpur. He lost his cool and urged youth to spit on Ram Jethmalaani's face to insult him and punish him for calling Ramji as a bad husband for discarding pregnant Seeta ji out of his palace life. Rama did this because of a stupid public opinion questioning Seeta ji's sacredness during her stay in Lanka.
This news was published on front page of dainik bhaskar newspaper on 14th November, 2012. To me seems like an adult celeberated "Children's Day" by himself getting childish.

एक श्याम एक राम के मुँह पर थूकवाना चाह  रहा है
खुद के नापाक मंसूबे को पूरा करने हेतु 
एक श्याम का दास
कुछ मासूमों को इनाम का लालच दे उकसाना चाह रहा है
कहता है वो नादान की
राम पर थूकने में कोई हिंसा नहीं 
बरगला के हमें वो 
खुद अपने ही महामंडलेश्वर पद की असल औकात दिखा रहा है 
बुरे पति को बुरा कहना पाप ही है अगर 
तो कोई समझाए हमें की 
एक श्याम क्यूँकर हम अर्जुनो को युद्ध करना सीखा रहा है
फिर जब रामजी ने ही एक धोबी तक को कोई सजा न दी
उसकी असुरी जिन्ह्वा काटकर
तो ये तथाकथित श्यामदास कौन ऐलान जारी करने वाला
इस मूर्खाधिपति को महामंडलेश्वर बनाया किसने ..?? 
और हाँ ...
तुम भी आज सम्पूर्ण तथ्यों को बाखूबी जान लो 
ओ माय डिअर मिस्टर जेठ_मालानी !!
की एक मर्यादा पुरुशोताम राम विष्णु का अवतार होते हुए भी 
नेकी-बदी से परिपूर्ण महज एक आदम होने का सामाजिक दायित्व निभा रहा है ...
किसी सुनंदा की किसी नरेन्द्र मोदी की तरह 
कोडियों से कीमत आंकने के लिए नहीं हुआ था ये कृत्य 
बल्कि एक सीता के असल शशित्व के दर्शन 
एक लोलुप समाज को 
एक अमर्यादित जन मानस को करवाने हेतु 
एक राम ये रूप दिखा रहा है ...
अनेकता में एकता के श्लोक को महज जिंव्हा से रट रहे 
एक मूर्छित अहंकारी को 
रामजी के माध्यम से प्रभु बस 
एक अंधकारमय श्यामदास को 
एक असल श्याम का ज्योतिर्मय रंग दिखा रहा है ...
कहीं ये पढ़कर आपको अपने स्वयं के भीतर कोई अवांछित अनुभूति तो नहीं हो रही साईं/माई ..??
हुई हो तो मुझे मुआफ करें की बाँदा तो नाम से ही है 
एक मन इश बद केस ;-)    

Thursday, November 1, 2012

दैनिक भात कड़ी

कृपया ये रचनात्मक टिपण्णी की तह तक पहुँचने के लिए आज दिनांक 01 नवम्बर, 2012 के दैनिक भास्कर समाचार पत्र के सम्पादकीय पेज पर प्रकाशित श्री अभिलाष खांडेकर जी का लेख "सवाल भाषायी राज्यों की पहचान का" एक बार ध्यान से पढ़ लें।

ये रचना समर्पित है दैनिक भास्करी पत्रकारों, लेखकों, संपादकों और पाठकों के लिए 
कृपा कर के कबूल फरमाएं

अभी_लाश के अभी_लाशा_पूर्ण सवाल और कुछ नहीं 
वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम को कुटिलतापूर्ण सीमाओं में बाँध लेने के 
अवांछित प्रयास हैं 
वसुधा या वसुधित मानवों को खंडित करने के ये प्रयास
चाहे अंबेडकर जी से अज्ञानतावश हुए 
प्रयासरत है कोई दूषित खांडेकर (खंड एकड़)

जान लो अच्छे से 
की परास्त ही नहीं अपितु दण्डित भी करेगा उसे 
एक दिन मेरा विलासित दांडेकर (दान देकर)    
चुपचाप कबूल कर लेना फिर 
तुम उस क़यामत के दिन
मेरे आका का अंतिम न्याय
घुटनों के बल टिक कर 
सुन रहे हो ना तुम दिल लगा कर 
अरे ओ !!
बहुजन समाज पार्टी का 
महाराष्ट्र नवनिर्माण सेना का 
उपहासपूर्ण (UP हास_पूर्ण) उपयोग करने वाले 
दृष्टिहीन दृष्टिविहीन अघोचर   

मन is इश   
 Man is bad case....isnt it?