Monday, August 31, 2009

may it happen..

काश...ऐसा हो

की १५ august का तिरंगा London में लहराए,
4th july के celebrations हिंदुस्तान मनाये,
IPL अफ्रीका में और ashes पाक में खेला जाए...
सारा world एक हो जाए,
हम सिर्फ planet Earthian कहलायें,

उत्सव हमारी जात हो, आनंद हमारा गोत्र,
प्रेम हम सबका एकमात्र स्तोत्र...
देश तो हो पर देशभक्ति नहीं,
spirituality हो पर religion नहीं...

God पर हो थोड़ा ज़ोर कम,
Godliness पर आकर सब कुछ जाए थम,
वन्दे मातरम के इस शोर- शराबे में,
देखना...कहीं दब न जाए ये वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम...


Friday, August 28, 2009


hello there...
yes.. U
ya ! i am speaking to U..

YES..u are indeed divinity personified.. fact there is no other way to be..

Kahlil tells me to quote this for u..
" If you would rise but a cubit above race and country and self you would indeed become godlike "

..indeed we are all part of "IT" & just by the virtue of being part of the "WHOLE"..we can be nothing but "WHOLE"..
..that we do not feel so or realize so is a matter of time or shall i say 'a matter of awareness'..

..transcend the illusions of TIME & EGO & awareness is ours in the taking...
its easy to transcend if one already knows that s/he is caught in the "maze" of ambitions & unending desires..

There are 3 ways to do it ;

1) Live Ur ambition & try n fulfill Ur desires by running after them in a very focused way...
keep on achieving what u want to & feel successful..
it might happen or may not but one thing is sure that u will get tired sooner or later & will be rich in
the only catch here is of getting over indulgent..

2) Allow others experience to sink into u through exhaustive reading or following the words of a Guru..
imbibe everything...make it Ur own...feel it & if u are sensitive enough...u might get it
..and even if u don't u will at least become a "Gyaani" ( knowledgeable person) & yes that's exactly
the catch in this way..

3) Trust Ur life & its happenings around it to be Ur true "TEACHER"..
Trust that it is all happening...the good & the happening only n only to help u realize that
u..yes u..are indeed part of the 'WHOLE"..
if Ur trust is un-conditional then 'patience' will come automatically to u & u will start to feel the
presence of It in U..
...but if u are in a hurry, eager or in a race then u will have to wait till patience becomes Ur nature &
yes that's the only catch in this way..

After reading & imbibing Osho in not only my impressions but also in my expressions of life, this is a short concept that i need to share with u today :

It is called the I-ATM concept.. apt in today's material world...isn't it?

..its all about knowing Ur true self..the real i..
one needs to know his/her individuality....whatever it is

..the individuality one is seeking to know should be authentic too & not an iota of masking is needed

..ya thankful & full of gratitude towards everything & everyone in spite or despite of whatever the event or people have done to u..
its like being thankful to Ur lover when he presents u a bunch of red roses & in trying to catch hold of those roses Ur soft hands get accidentally pierced with the tiny thorns that were very much
part of the bunch but u didn't know...
..and u still thank Ur lover..hiding the pain..the oozing blood...u still thank as tears of joy & pain roll out of Ur dove eyes..

ya...that kind of thanks

M here stands for ME...ha ha ha just joking..
it stands for MEDITATION
..not the sort of stupid & cumbersome exercises that u often hear about ( mind u they are indeed helpful but only to start with...don't ever get stuck with them...NEVER..) but the real 24 hour meditation wherein u do not do anything but the seeker inside u just watches & observes all the does not even decide or conclude or be part of just sees & never has a say...
will that make u idle, lazy or a couch potato...?
ya... it will...if u can not separate Ur social obligations & needs from the seeker .. the seer inside u
so u keep on doing Ur duty or whatever u need to do at that point of time by taking the most suitable & righteous choice that comes to Ur mind at that point of time & space..
but inside, u are very much aware of what is going on...
its like ;

..the self is seeing the self..

..the mind is making the right choice for self..


..the body is implementing it for the self..

difficult..?? thought but becomes easy as u practice the art of living in the the NOW & HERE..

i hope that u free yourself soon..
adios !!
God blesses..