Monday, October 27, 2008

Festival of Lights

The festival of lights was round the corner & so just like everybody else i too started to make arrangements to welcome the bounties. i started with dusting off the dust that keeps on settling in my house & in my shop ; but i forgot to dust off the prejudices that has settled in my mind over the years. i then repainted & re-furnished & decorated my house & shop afresh ; but i kept on ignoring the ideas that are new. i helped in preparing home made sweets & snacks to welcome my guests with ; but did not find the time to sweeten my feelings & emotions. i bought new clothes & utensils & gadgets that were expensive...all the time cursing the share market that has taken a nose-dive that everyone knew but again i failed to address the greed n fear factor in me which is not that new. i also bought a lot of firecrackers...more than my neighbour did & made a lot of noise but by the end of it i was full of remorse. NO, not for the pollution or egoistic trip i took in those few hours BUT for the money that i lost in the process. i did light up my house n my shop with electrical lights...a series of them & also with earthern lamps but i never gave a damn to light a lamp unto myself, within. Ritually i offered my prayers to all the Gods that really matter & put a strong case in front of Them to fulfill my demads as soon as possible ; forgtting entirely to thank for the bounties that i already possess...bounties that i did nothing to deserve. i did celebrate the festival of light as i was taught & as i wrote about in my school essays but then why do i still feel so do not know what. Did i commit a blunder in not listening to the voice within or is it because i could not find enough courage to listen up to the silence within.....???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ravana is alive & kicking in India have just burnt the effigies of Ravana, thinking that they have actually killed the mighty ten faced Ravana.Remember one needs to be a Rama to do that & to be a RAMA in the current scenario seems to be somehow beyond humanity & so every year the Ravana is back with venegeance, with more pomp & show, with increased vigour & size & trust me ...we humans are really happy to see him back. Do you know why...??? Because he gives us a chance to burn something we hate in others BUT so indulgently justify in self.
By the way do you know the ten faces of the current day Raaavan...??? They are :
5) EGO
most definately YOU.

Right naa...U devil ???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

चुनने की भूल...

फूलों के ही दीवाने हैं सब,
कांटो से दिल कौन लगाये,
कांटे ही लिए बैठें हैं अब,
फूल तो कब के मुरझाये...

चुनने की भूल की थी तब,
अब तो यह राज़ साफ़ नज़र आए,
खुशबु बनकर महके है रब,
रब ही तो कांटो में समाये...

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Man is a bad case....isnt it???

Few mindboggling examples of the species called " homo sapiens":

1. Terrorism in the name of religious fanatism.

2. Corruption in the name of capitalism.

3. Power mongering in the name of democracy.

4. Dictatorship in the name of communism.

5. Marriage in the name of family.

6. Sex in the name of love.

7. Death insurance in the name of life insurance.

8. Fear of unknown in the name of astrology.

9. Cunningness in the name of education.

10. Success in the name of comparison.

True to its other species on this planet engages itself in such glorious human designs, not to this effect, atleast. You know why...??? Because their IQ is pretty low compared to us, they dont have free will, they are destined, they cant be programmed & they are not capable of creating chaos.

So...three cheers to the design called MAN...hip hip HURREY..hip hip HURREY..hip hip....HU..

BUT....why is there such a silence??? why nobody seems happy??? why everybody is faking happiness just like a professional prostitute fakes orgasm??? why...why...why...???