Sunday, March 22, 2009

पैदा होते ही...

" पैदा होते ही में बहुत रोया-चिल्लाया,
पहली साँस लेते ही जी घबराया,
माँ ने झट छाती से लगाया,
तब जाकर थोड़ा सुकून था आया !

लोगों ने फ़िर मुझे तमाशा बनाया,
किसी ने बाप तो किसी ने माँ सा बताया,
मेरा अपना भी कोई वजूद हो सकता है,
ये तो जैसे कोई सोच भी न पाया !

पाठशाला ने ये सबक रटाया,
सबसे अव्वल होने को ही सफलता बताया,
सभी अपने आप में अद्वितीय हैं,
ये तो किसी ने न सिखलाया !

महत्वाकांक्षा के बीज बोता गया समाज मुझमें,
सभी ने कुछ बन जाने को उकसाया,
कुछ बन जाने की होड़ में खो दूंगा ख़ुद को,
ये राज़ तो बहुत बाद समझ में आया !

पैदा होते ही में बहुत रोया-चिल्लाया......

पर क्यूँ ??? "

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everybody is looking for the MONKEY out there...

Have u noticed that the makers of Delhi-6 audio cds have come out with a unique cover having a mirror of sorts on it , so that one can see his face in it. They have also come out with a normal Abhishek-Sonam-massakali photo cover. Chances are that 85% of Indians wud not have noticed it, reason being that 85% of Indians purchase pirated music ( dont give me a scornful look - this are music industry figures..not mine ). But piracy is not the (uncomfortable) topic of this post. So read on...
i was in a large music store..soon after the music of Delhi -6 was released where large stocks of Delhi -6 audio cds with both the covers were kept adjacent to each other. Guess which cover pack was picked up by most of the customers..? No, not the unusual pack with inherent mirror in it but the usual one with Abhishek photo was the dominant choice. i did not read much into the choice; after all its a free country, but Rakesh Omprakash Mehra (the maker of the film for the un-initiated), if he wud have been there wud have gauged then & there that his film is not gonna be liked as much as he wants it to be appreciated. Probably he already knew that his film will be welcomed with cynicism & still wanted to take the risk of telling people something which they already knew about but do not want to recognize. That he knew this is pretty evident in the scene where Abhi asks fanatics to look into the mirror & believe that God is one, is omnipresent & one just needs an eye to feel Him. It ia also evident from the portrayal of the man with the mirror in the streets of Chandni chowk being depicted as a lunatic. Then why did make a film, which he knew for certain, wud be met with a luke-warm response...? May be he was banking on that dismal figure of 15% of people who are ready to face the reality as it is & then try to change it for a better tomorrow... May be he was motivated with the runaway success of " Slumdog Millionaire "...but that success was outside India... May be he wanted to tell the story..come what may, which makes him a poor mathematician ( if not a lunatic). The box office tells me so. Oh! what a loss!!
U know what...i purchased Delhi -6 audio cd with the mirror cover & ever since seeing my ugly, fanatic, biased, cunning, selfish, crooked, dishonest, hypocritical.....face in it. Well...sometimes i do see glimpses of the beautiful virtues within but that is only sometimes...

Am i a lunatic too ?