Sunday, September 16, 2012

An open letter to Team India & Team Anna


i totally trust on Anna Hajare ji and his team's godly intentions but i also have a firm belief on the fact that instead of a political party what we Indians truly need is our own individual and spiritual freedom from our own corrupt attitude or behaviour that we shamelessly adopt and indulge into in our day-to-day life.
This CANCER of social corruption that we Indians notoriously suffer with can be treated only when each and every Indian personally not only pleas but also performs religiously by staying away from the social disease or slavery of attaining name, fame, glory and money.
The ego dies a natural death when we honestly love our own spirit or mirror image. First and foremost we need to learn to wholeheartedly listen to the sacred voice of our own inner conscience. This voice, sound, music or brahmnaad of "OM" silently plays within us all the time.
We cannot expect to change the entire corrupt system or nation by changing or targeting just a few politicians. Remember, realize and understand consciously that these politicians too have not come from an alien world. They too have raised to become whatever they have become today by passing through our own selfish systemic society and are nonetheless intrinsic part of our own nation which we proudly call MERA BHAARAT MAHAAN.
These politicians most of the time behave in just as the same way as we Indians behave in our day-to-day life. Only difference is that they get a chance or an opportunity to get corrupt on a much larger level as compared to us tiny little Indians. They get crores of rupees to fulfill their egoistic desires as compared to our off the record earnings or savings of only a few thousand or a few lakh of rupees but that does not make us any less guilty of the crime.
Power corrupts us even more not because power is corrupt. It does so because deep down inside we are individually and intellectually corrupt. I am sure that team Anna is no more different from team India when it comes to our basic nature and if it is not so i would be very glad to eat my own words. I urge team Anna and team India to take up the challenge to prove me wrong as soon as possible so that i feel pride in pleading GUILTY, my Lord !!
To heal blood cancer what we really need is a leader who not only heals himself/herself but also leads the nation to heal each and every individual cell called Indian. We certainly need to improve the count of our white blood corpuscles (WBC) and also red blood corpuscles (RBC).
Sum Amin
Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham   

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