Sunday, September 7, 2008

lack of love

i am love ; surrounded by the stories of lack of me,
They come to me from near & far, from all corners of the planet Earth,
They are deep, they are grave & they are sad,
but tell u what ; they are not bereft of me...
Be it the story of a cocky husband or an estranged wife,
be it the story of a selfish brother or an indiffernt sister,
be it the story of a lonely father or a dependent mother,
i am in each one of them ; some germinating with me, some are rife...
i wonder how they cant feel me when they are infact me,
it was me when as a child u ran after me in gay abandon,
i was u, i was the running & i was the butterfly,
it was me when as an adolescent u first gave me your heart,
i was u, i was the sweetheart & i was the cry,
in youth u were confused, u were bemused, u were free,
u searched me in ur lover, in wealth & in health,
u tried to find me in ur best friend, in wine & in dine,
u wandered everywhere, u found me nowhere, u lost in the sea,
i was everywhere, i am NOW HERE, why couldn't u see...
exhausted as an adult, u gave me up & kept urself busy,
but even in ur busyness, u felt alone & thought of me,
i was in ur work, i was in ur dreams, i was in all ur pursuits,
i was waiting for u, i kept on waiting, i am still waiting...
u grew up more in the worldly sense & got more tensed & distanced from me,
u sought for me in temples & in rituals, in masters & in books,
everywhere u found an emptiness, the void persisted in thee,
i knew u were thirsty, i knew u no more lusty,
i opened up my arms but still u didn't enter in me...
now on ur death bed, mind not clear, u wait in fear,
u think what went wrong, u mourn & u groan,
i silently sit by ur side & wanna tell u neat & clear,
i mourn, i cry & i die for u more than u for me,
Oh ! dear what a waste of time, of life & of prime,
what a bliss it could have been, what a life it could have been,

only if u would have paid some attention,

only if u would have lived moment to moment,
onlu if u would have searched me inTHEE...

U are my house, U are my abode, thru U do i float,
U are my creation, i am Ur creator, together we create this world & this sea,
how did U got lost in this world, why didn't U see,
Oh! what a loss...? BUT...wait a minute...
there is still a hope & there still a chance,
i seek one more chane from THEE,
this time please don't FORGET...,
do not forget coz i can't preach, i can't speak,
i can't decide for u as u can for me,
know once for all that i am U & U are me,
please do not forget as i can't force me upon u as u can on me...


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