Saturday, October 4, 2008


Man is a bad case....isnt it???

Few mindboggling examples of the species called " homo sapiens":

1. Terrorism in the name of religious fanatism.

2. Corruption in the name of capitalism.

3. Power mongering in the name of democracy.

4. Dictatorship in the name of communism.

5. Marriage in the name of family.

6. Sex in the name of love.

7. Death insurance in the name of life insurance.

8. Fear of unknown in the name of astrology.

9. Cunningness in the name of education.

10. Success in the name of comparison.

True to its other species on this planet engages itself in such glorious human designs, not to this effect, atleast. You know why...??? Because their IQ is pretty low compared to us, they dont have free will, they are destined, they cant be programmed & they are not capable of creating chaos.

So...three cheers to the design called MAN...hip hip HURREY..hip hip HURREY..hip hip....HU..

BUT....why is there such a silence??? why nobody seems happy??? why everybody is faking happiness just like a professional prostitute fakes orgasm??? why...why...why...???


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