Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a thousand buddhas !! Ya.. why not ??

i remember Osho saying in 'Tantra Sutra' that the first technique of observing ones own breath is the technique of Zen too & just with that one technique Zen was able to produce thousands of enlightened people. That was the time when Zen was at peak.Note that this was due to BUDDHA's teachings & the timing was in & around Buddha's lifetime(i mean physical lifetime)

i feel a similar sort of thing started to happen when Osho was present in body form & now, even after he left his body, the phenomenon not only continues but in fact is growing at an ecstatic pace. There should be no surprise if we see thousands of enlightened people in & around the physical lifetime of OSHO too.

i say that its good for the planet Earth & its inhabitants that so many enlightened people walk at the same time on this planet or else the tribe & army of asleep & un-enlightened people is growing at such a furious pace that a single NEO ( as in the film MATRIX )will not be able to stop the march of these machines.

Osho was aptly calling his sanyasis as NEO-SANYASIS or NEW MAN or ZORBA THE BUDDHA. can we see the link...???

If we can, then, let us please not stop at 50 or 950 & welcome as many enlightened individuals as possible because that the only way to make Osho's dream a reality & this Earth, a heaven.Whether these people who claim to be enlightened are really enlightened or faking their enlightenment is a question which gets answered on its own if the face of this planet changes from the current blackish one to charming white, so to speak.

Moreover, as a Osho Neo-sanyasi what is the need to ponder on somebody else's enlightenment when you can yourself be enlightened. That will solve the riddle of knowing the difference between a fake & a real enlightened person too. On the other hand if you are already enlightened then please garner enough courage to announce it too.That will surely help the overall cause.

Lastly, i would like to add that i feel that the number of enlightened persons can be many but i am not so sure about the number of enlightened MASTERS walking simultaneously on planet Earth. i think they are far & few.

Please educate if you know...

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