Friday, April 30, 2010


The Indian Idol season 3 or may be 4... ( i don't care) is on air & it sucks. It's such a dampener on my spirit that i feel so ashamed to watch it that i choose to silently switch off the tv, lest i break my fists or my cute little tv.

Frankly speaking, i preferred to watch IPL & thoroughly enjoyed the game & the spirit even when the out of ground issues seemed more dramatical, so to speak...

After all, if "Life is a game" (of which i am pretty much assured about), why would someone try to transform the game itself into a kind of war where winning (..these days you are a winner only if you are filthy rich & famous ;-) is of paramount importance & loosers should die instead of humbly accepting the defeat.

Come on man ! it's just a game & loosing is not all that bad, especially if one is candid enough to learn from it & compete once again to the best of one's abilities. Not to prove a point or two to the opponent but to be glad of one's own skills. That to me is playing the game in the right spirit. The true warriors fight for a cause & not for their pride.

Speaking of whom brings me again to the topic of talent hunt shows(..look at the lingo - talent "hunt"- as if they are on a kill ;-).Here, most of the warriors are not out there to showcase their talent but to somehow make it big on the small screen. They want to be "visible", (as Paul Coelho puts it in his latest book " WINNER STANDS ALONE"..) even if it is for a minute or so, even if they are made a laughing stock, even if their ridiculous thirst/greed for success & fame is shamelessly sold on prime time tv.

i would still be happy if the channel or so called esteemed judges of these reality shows do it to draw home a message or two to the vast number of viewers watching their show. The message, if any, is lost in the laughter & the sadistic pleasure the viewers indulge in when a participant is made fun of in the preliminary rounds.

In due process, selected ones are silently robbed of their humility too. They are made to feel as if they are some kind of superstars only to be forgotten completely the next week after finals.( ok..ok that's a tad too rude...i agree, this shows have indeed brought a wholesome change to the life of few contestants..i do not know at what cost though...)

They can always come back as anchors though. A few, who are somehow able to maintain their poise in all this hulla-bulla around them like Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chouhan eventually make it big & become judges. The cycle completes.

i am pretty sure that the channel or the judges do not take the pain or the risk to tell the participants their actual status. If at all an Annu Malik does so it is only done on screen & that too only to spice up the drama forgetting that what you sow so shall ye reap. i mean..just look at Mr Annu Mallik's music's almost gone...not on the shelf anyway. Mallik's journey from creativity to plagriasm to poking fun gives us a signal or two.

Sunidhi, of all is the greatest disappointment of the season. i mean...just look at this wonderful talent...she is desperately trying to prove that she is no less than a diva than Shreya Ghoshal.
Women !! oh Women !!

But..may be that's what is the plan of the super-natural....
because if the message - "if you wanna find yourself, first loose yourself" has daunted on a dumbass like me, there is every chance that it will reach all & sundry.

Sooner or later.......


  1. main in baaton ko apni sahmati deti hun, bahut sahi kaha hai

  2. Very well said, I completely agree. These talent shows have brought everything but talent on the news.
    This is a new era of reality shows, and I feel regretted for the way they are being treated and forced to put material, what we, the public approve.
    The problem doesnt lie in the fact what they put on air. The problem is, we watch it with all zest.
    Thats what drives them to put more shit and glamour in these shows.
    I appreciate your views.

    PS : It will be great if you could change the skin or font colour of your blog. It will be more readable otherwise.

  3. they call it "talent hunt", yup talented is hunted and that too with spirit


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