Monday, January 24, 2011

Ups n Downs...

To hear you talk
is to hear birds chattering in the morn...

To hear you giggle
is to hear water flowing in the river...

Your heartfelt laughter
Oh! it's  big sigh of relief
after years n years of torcher...

To hear your cries of pain
was to hear rains falling incessantly on a tin roof...

To control your sobbing
was to pacify the pangs of a hungry child...

Your condition brought tears
even to the most stone hearted
after years n years of slumber...

To wipe off your memories
was to wash off the past...

To provide you with some hope
was to promise future to the dead...

as i see you smile without a reason,
i see love as one great wonder...

To see you walk in confidence
is to see the Sun rise in the morning...

To see you spread your cheer
is to see a rose flowering...

The conditions haven't changed much
but you have grown over them...
Yes indeed you have grown...



What happened..??

Why are you in pain..??

Why there is so much of anguish..??

The bird has stopped chattering..

Why the rose has wilted..?

Why the Sun is setting in the evening..?

Has a demon with his words of fire destroyed everything..?

Has he brought the despair n gloom with him..?

Who nourished him..?

Who cherished him..?


Who set him free..?
Who set him free..?

Was it the bird..
Was it her chatter..
Was it the rose or was it the fragrance..
Was it the thorn or was it the choice..
Was it the Sun or our sight..


Is it that the demon, as always, was already free?
Waiting for the opportunity to strike..
when the I in me becomes as big as Thee...!!

Oh! you god of gods!
Tell us..
when will I be free...???
when will You be free...???
when will We be free...???


Is it that big fellow called ' I ' who should tell us that............!!

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