Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's in the name..?

Many a times it has occurred to me that may be i should change the name of my blog from MAN IS BAD KASE to MANn IS BAD KASE because that is what i actually mean when i say that man is bad case.

i mean mann or mind is the culprit over here which allows not man to be what he really is. In fact, that is the way my name manish gets pronounced too but that would also mean that i am making 'mann' or 'mind' more powerful than 'man', which in reality, is not the case.

My 'mann' or mind cannot be my 'ish' or god, if i wish so. Not just by wishing so but by willing so.

i have to shoulder my responsibility towards my own life in an honest way.

i have to stop being an escapist.

i am in deeds answerable to HIM who is indeed HE in me.

Moreover, what's in the name?
This blog will be what it is.

Add an honest 'H' to the 'IS'
HIS if you prefix
ISH if you suffix
Delete an escapist 'E' from the 'KASE'
KAS is to tighten yourself in His matrix
Read it aloud
What you get to hear is my name
Even if you don't i am game
No-thing in me to be proud about
Nope, i am not an ace
He is under the control of of now.  

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