Friday, April 13, 2012

वाह चाणक्य वाह..!!

                                                                        वाह चाणक्य वाह ..!!

Thanks to our cunningly intellectual mind..!!
Most of us Indians generally remain silent or ignorant about their own corrupt behaviour that they normally and willingly apply to succeed  in their daily life on a day-to-day basis.
However, they raise their voice diplomatically and dramatically, just like our Print or Electronic Media does when it comes to  corrupt attitude of Politicians and Bureaucrats...
वाह  चाणक्य वाह ..!!
Mann is bad case....isnt it?
To change yourself in order to get some value from society is business but to remain yourself naturally without any greed whatsoever, is godliness.
Positive thinking is not about Expecting the best thing to happen...!! It is about Accepting that whatever happens, happens for your best.
Thinking that thinks or expects about goodness or bestness to happen in Past or Future is not Thinking but Expectation of an intellectual MIND believing itself to be GOD in  present  moment...

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