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Today, I wish to share with you an article which I wrote some 14 years back on 16th August, 1998.

I was 29 years old at that point of time having got married at the age of 27. That, I was still able to not only write that article but also share it with my wife proves the open-minded and kind nature of my wife and the fact that she not only shared the article with her dear friends but also stored it in her diary to make it possible for me to share it today with you, explains her liking of the article alongwith her spirits soulful nature.

I hope, you too like the article even after 14 years because the issue expressed in the said article has gone even more worst today. No wonder because mental desires to earn name, fame and money never vanish without presence of a conscious soul.

Please do feel free to comment and correct my observations in the article if your soul forces you to do so.

Now, please do read the non-edited article consciously and lovingly:

PURUSH-SHETRA (a TV programme)

Recently when I was watching an episode of Purush-shetra on women liberalisation. I was irritated to observe the knowledge, attitude and thinking of Miss. Divya Seth who is the anchor of this popular talk show.

I am listing below the main points which I could gather from that episode :-

(a) Miss Divya Seth and many participants in the show firmly believed that the only way a woman can attain liberalisation is by having a career.

(b) Her attitude towards a house wife was - " Its great that you are a just a housewife but what else do you do to live..?"

Let me clarify  before putting across my views on on true women liberalisation that Miss Divya Seth is not an exception who thinks in this way and in this direction. I believe that there are many more thinkers like that than I can ever imagine.

For me, women liberalisation is a state of of women where she is treated equally in the society, where she is absolutely free to take her own decisions, where in real meaning she is a joint wheel of a bullock cart called life as an old proverb says.

Many women believe that they will be treated equally only when they earn money and become financially self-dependent by doing so. Career women, as the society terms them, often achieve this kind of success and this material success generally climb on their heads and make them even more egoistic.

Career is status symbol and money is like earning respect for innocent women. Men but, because he is  very well aware soulfully about the fraud and illusion such status and success is, still does not treat them equally. Instead, they get irritated by her behaviour and I personally feel that this is the main or major reason for unhappy or broken marriages.

Indian women compare themselves with Indian men or with the women of the west on a limited account of career and hence find them liberalised. Well, this is a very inappropriate comparison. Firstly, because it is not true as they too are not liberalised and are still slave of their minds. Secondly, because the cultures are different, the nature is different, the population is different and the hence the job opportunities too are totally different.

Just imagine that in India, where we already have a huge unemployment problem, if all Indian women decide to have a career oriented life in order to get social recognition and equal treatment - what will happen? Does that type of job opportunities exist in India? Do all women really and desperately need to have a career?

Yes, it is quite necessary and understandable if in a family the income of males is just Rupees 2000 - 3000/- per month and the female decides to help the family by earning extra income for betterment of living standards and survival but what is the need of having a career for a women whose family males already earn more than 15000 to 20000 Rupees per month? Is having heaps of Saree, jewellery, cars, bungalows, air-conditioners, lipsticks, vanity bags etc. etc. etc. so important and necessary?

Indian women will have to soulfully justify the need for thriving for a career otherwise she will be snatching jobs from really poor and needy people and thereby further aggravating the problem of poverty and unemployment. Vote greedy governments are already trying to compound the problem by offering 33% reservation to women.

Moreover, being a housewife is a full time job in itself. It is a very important, demanding and self-satisfying job. A women not only needs to be a good finance manager, personal manager, HRD manager, architect, artist, interior designer, renowned teacher, expert dietitian and cook etc. etc. etc to become a honourable housewife but also needs to possess a spiritual, loving, understanding, caring, kind, yummy soul (i call it L.U.C.K.Y. SOUL).

House management is in no way a meagre job. To me it is a very very very important job and men will have to learn paying for it by offering priceless love and honour. A housewife does a very very very important job of building a nation by giving cultured, sentimental, sensitive and knowledgeable generation.

So, next time when you say " I do not want to be just a housewife", please think again and ask yourself " Do I have the talent and qualities of becoming a honourable housewife?"

I also agree and understand that there is an urgent need for today's men to change their chauvinist attitude towards women. There is no denying the fact that men has treated women very very very badly but still women should avoid becoming like men and search for meaning of true liberalisation instead.

Women must demand for her right of equality and I am pretty sure that she can get it too but having a career is not the only way to get it. There are so many other ways too to get equality and respect both. Women will have to try to find out their own way to search true liberalisation.

I can very well understand a woman's desire of letting her creativity, her talent, her skills known to the world. It is a perfect human desire which is very good to grow as a human being. Can we imagine a world without Lata Mangeshkars, Indira Gandhis, Oprahs, Madonnas, P T Ushas, Kiran Bedis etc. etc. etc. to name only a few. The world would be very very very dull without divine feminine power...isn't it? But then today's women also very very very lovingly need to learn to be modest about their strength and power so that their success does not make them as immodest as men are.

If women really want to live a career oriented life, they must also think a lot before falling in love, before marrying or before planning family life. They do need to discuss all pros and cons with their would be partners of life. They need to make them understand their needs, their dreams, their desires quite openly and they also need to understand their partners needs, their dreams, their desires.

That is how the chemistry of togetherness works with the help of catalyst of love between two atoms of hydrogen called husband and one atom of oxygen called wife to form a complete, happy, prosperous and loving family.

Do you really possess that spirit..??

If yes....
please go ahead and adopt the divine career of being a true husband and wife.

Or else....
please wait till the right moment comes to adopt you as a true husband or wife.


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