Friday, June 8, 2012


No matter how good your "Intention" is, the world watches your "Presentation"
No matter how good is your "Presentation", God observes your "intention".

Listen to the inner voice of your soul, even when your mind suggests you that it is stupidity to let your heart rule your life.
Let the world care for your "Presentation"
Let your soul care for your "intention"

Yes...Be yourself but not a slave of your intellectual mind.
It makes you a fake person with a dual personality...
And yes...You, only You can disallow your mind to rule you.
I do not have any right to do so.

Love is not a decision..
It is a magical feeling..
We never decide with whom to fall in love.
It just happens truly without any intellectual permission of mind..
Or else
It is not love.

Living each and every moment of our life with complete
Xpecting only GOOD from past, present and future
is like inviting an ODD DAY in our LIFETIME.

LOve to live your life naturally rather than choosing to live your life easily in a comfort zone.

Only a sleeping giant believes in a DAY being great, common, good, bad or worst depending on the events happening as per planning of his mind or not happening as per his desire.
Awake one lives every moment of each DAY with heartfelt gratitude towards matter what happens.

Problems exist only for those mindful people who trust their thinking mind more than their beating heart.

Lovable persons are like injections.
They may sometime give you pain
Their intention is always to help you cure your problems.

Loving only those who love you is kind of business...
Loving everyone naturally just like a SUN who lights everyone
ROSES who give their fragrance to everyone is godliness.

To change yourself in order to get some value addition by a surrounding society is Nirmal Baba's whole time business...

Can you tell me as to why put any condition or behave duplicately to save a relationship dear..??
Why desire long period of such a relationship which requires daily maintenance out of some greed or fear..??

Silence of an Actualist is much much more violent than violence of a Terrorist.

The highs and lows in life are so important to keep us ever interested in living.....,
Even a straight line in an ECG means we are not alive.
Enjoy the highs and lows of life my dear friends..!!

An authentic friend's friendliness is born out of TRUE LOVE
It does not see difference between a friend's life, a stranger's life or his own life.
It is non-dual Oneness Sir ji....!!

Lead your life similar to a dictionary which provides meaning to EVERYONE who opens it to seek its help.

Dainik Bhaskar's news about BEAUTY OF YOGA is timely correct:
YOGA today is done more to achieve physical beauty rather than getting conscious about spiritual beauty.
Jai ho RadheShyam ki...!!

Yes...i do think and i do have a mind but my conscious soul  does not allow me to listen to hypocrisy of my intelligent mind which suggests me to remain diplomatic, silent, allured or bluffed that i am a pure perfectionist or ideologist.
It just makes me aware of my factual and real self who just observes to enlighten the darkness within me.
Lightening myself is the only way to be free from the darkness within me...
Yes...i do try to express it too out of love, compassion and non-duality and not out of some ego as you often think about me...

Willingly say YES to life as it is happening around you.
Life is indeed a celebration if you learn to live and accept life willingly and not under some compulsion.
Once you do that life starts to help you because you have now willingly agreed to all that life wanted you to agree to and hence you have now transformed your pathetic life into a constant celebration...

Destruction of mind is an idea of a violent terrorist.
Observing it is that of a mystic.

Michigan University's research now confirms that "People tell more truth on sms."
Now you know why do i keep on messaging and questioning you through sms.
Ignoring me and my sms is a true response too...isn't it?

Media does try hard to confuse us with half-truth or one line sentences or quotes.

Only to the one who can read between the lines, does silence is effective.

Philosophers just study life but Lovers live it matter what the condition or status of life is.


A renowned central working commitee member of Novartis employees union which suspended my membership for 3 to 6 months and have not done so till now after 5 years, tells me that only i am responsible for my current status of life.
He is absolutely right.
i am responsible and i face it too since my birth...
Is not Novatis employees union spiritually responsible to support or help its Ex-Zonal Convener in his righteous of struggle which asked the pharmaceutical giant to stop bribing doctors for prescribing their medicines..??
Is it that a political mind now totally rules Novartis employees union's soul Bhai..??

It is love to respond honestly than to use silence of tongue as a diplomatic tool, if a reply has indeed taken birth inside you...
Keeping just your tongue mum is not it?

Sometimes when you love people always and in all the ways they start to believe that you are their slave
They fail to realize that that you make yourself available for them to share your lifetime love but then that is their problem and not yours.

True lovers do not ever seek value or anything else for that matter...!!
They just keep on loving immaterially and unconditionally.
May be that is why i prefer Lovers more than Friends.

Pharmaceutical companies and their white collared employees are not ashamed to serve such medical practitioners and colleges who are perverted and are involved in turning a godly profession into a totally corrupt business...are they?

Bribing someone to achieve some kind of materialistic success is ethical business only for those who lack talent and spirit to earn ethically.
This is what i call real poverty.

Oh yes...i am definitely no one to educate or trouble you through my messages or articles
you can at least allow me to share my stupidities with you as one of your crazy friend...Can you?

Sometimes during DISCUSSIONS when people clearly find themselves indulged in doing "WHAT IS WRONG" for selfish reasons, they start to term DISCUSSION as ARGUMENT.....!!
Is it RIGHT...??

For years now, newspapers have indulged themselves in showing us so many emerging and successful faces of so many coaching institutes...
and yet.
more than 50% companies today are suffering and struggling with lack of talent.
What does these institutes teach our children...??
Any idea Sir ji...??


Only few people come in your life as a blessing while all others come in your life as lessons of torture like MAN IS BAD KASE..........!!

Righto naa...??

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