Thursday, November 22, 2012

पापी का नहीं पाप का अंत करो...

किसी कि मौत की इच्छा करते हुए देशवासियों का परोपकारी दिल तो जाने कब का दैनिक भास्करी तोप और ताप के चलते मर ही चूका है ।

True lovers do not rule upon others or their will. They do not either wish or demand death sentence for someone even if that someone is guilty of a barbarian behaviour at some point of time. They just compassionately keep on doing human efforts to transform the negative energy, understanding, thinking or belief into a soulful positive ray, love, behaviour or trust.

Death, for true lovers is not the only way to stop criminals from committing anymore crimes. Fear, for them is not the ultimate option to bring peace too. Death of a terrorist, naxalist or a criminal is not some kind of an end of terrorism, naxalism or criminalism. True lovers do not consider death as some kind of immortal punishment for anyone. Death, for true lovers is like a start of a spiritual life which allows heir spirit to live with God in His supreme presence and guidance.

The art of living meditatively in NOW & HERE is not by getting prejudiced with their own beliefs. Neither it is in considering, labelling or terming WHITE keys of a PIANO LIFE as "Happy Moments" & BLACK keys of PIANO LIFE as "Sad Moments". It is possible only by living every moment & accepting every moment 'as it is' or 'as it happens'.

God lovers or Godly musicians do not choose keys with prejudiced or closed mind. They choose those black or white keys or notes which perfectly suits to be chosen by them at that point of TIME. That is how they create a harmonical or musical LIFE.

My dear Kalpesh Yagnik ji in his today's front page editorial shrewdly terms hanging Azmal Kasaab till death as a much awaited justice done against the barbaric crime that Kasaab did commit.

Justice for whom..??

For those who got barbarically killed that day..??

For their surviving families..??

For Kasaab & his family who kept on asking forgiveness and urged for one last chance from God & us till the last moment of his death..??


For us who are celeberating a criminal's death as if we all are so pure & sacred that we have not committed, are not committing & will never committ any crime whatsoever in our life..??

A crime is a crime whether its killing, raping, bribing, getting bribed, breaking traffic or signal rules, or doing anything against the law of God or the constitution of India. No matter how big or small it is - it deserves punishment.

Are we prepared to call ourself innocent OR are we ready to face the punishment of being guilty..??

Kalpesh ji foolishly supports the killing of a criminal instead of killing his crime or criminal nature. His partial genius purposefully ignores the most pertinent question of all time as to



May be in today's India intellectual views of a NATIONAL EDITOR of the HIGHEST SELLING & BIGGEST NEWSPAPER of India is much more valuable than the compassionate & loving expressions of THE FATHER OF THE NATION who empathetically once said :
पापी का नहीं पाप का अंत करो...   right....??

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