Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Series of "Abysmal Responses to Superficial messages."

Abysmal Responses to Superficial but nevertheless most Popular Messages of Cellular World : its like an Oceanic Depth twitting facebookishly to a single cellular fish in limited 160 characters    

Few examples:


Message; When a person is in trouble, all family members , friends, stand by his side
the best proof is in your "Marriage Album"

Superficially, this appears to be a dismal joke but abysmally its a sick sense of humor.
Well, Observe this oasis response:

"STOP blaming marriage or tagging your spouse to be the root cause of your troublesome life.

Forget not, that YOU yourself chose to marry in the first place.

Remember forever, that it was YOU who chose your spouse.

Nobody forced, hypnotized, mesmerized, toxified, financially strangled, sexually provoked or socially motivated YOU to do so.

Even if YOU didn't chose your spouse and went along your family choice to do so, YOU are duly responsible for agreeing to the agreement of nuptial marriage.
Nobody...yes...Nobody but YOUR own ambitious mind which is so full of expectations from others, as if they are his YOUR mind's slave just as YOU are, took that decision. 

YOU should face the consequences of that decision YOU took.

Be a troubleshooter.

FoxyMind troubleshooting antivirus is meditatively available by just paying @due attention to YOUR own inner voice of conscience. 

*conditions apply-

Face it lovingly and courageously by considering it as a lifetime challenge offered by Mother Nature to make YOU a better person, if YOU are unhappy.

Feel gratitude towards the Almighty, if YOU are happily living a happy married life."  

Man is bad case....isnt it?

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