Friday, February 8, 2013

Hats off to you dear Sir...

Dear Sardesai Rajdeep,

Overwhelmed with pleasure to read your article  "बदलते दौर के बीच मीडिया की फिसलन" published on editorial page of "Dainik Bhaskar" newspaper as your expression or अभिव्यक्ति as db group terms it, regarding Society & Media.

I hope that the print media does not foolishly consider or tag your article written just for electronic media and for the anchors/news readers/correspondents/reporters/photographers/camera men/assistants/behind the desk staff involved in presenting the news. To me, your article is an eye-opening article for not only entire journalist faculty but also entire society involved therein.

I wish that your article along with Pandit Vijayshankar Mehta's article "परमात्मा से जोड़ें फकीरी का अंदाज़" published on same page under your article in 'जीने की राह'column, as also article titled "गुरु के वचन सुन निर्भीक हुआ राजा" published in 'जीवन दर्शन' column are made a must must must read articles for all and sundry but especially so for all the desiring and current journalists.

This, more so, when the so called saints of this nation are singing Narendra Modi type of third-class communalism songs in a Mahakumbh and egoistically feeding on non-secular, divide & rule, self-violence threats in God's own Bhojshaala. 

I simply fail to understand few things:
  1. Who made them saints?
  2. How can they dare to even divide Supreme Power into Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Isaai God or religion?
  3. Is not namaaz a pooja?
  4. So what, even if the styles are different? Is not the intent the same to pray The Almighty?
  5. Is it not some kind of a huge, well-planned terrorist attack on Dhaar & Madhya Pradesh Government? 
Can someone please help me understand the philosophy or business or hidden agenda behind these cohesive issues? 

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