Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bee storyteller v/s A Mindexposer


My dear Chetan Bhagat Sir and similar minded associates !!

Just read your Queen Bee Blaming/fault finding/Sarkaar accusing story/article in today's dainik bhaskar.

It not only explains pathetic 2 states of your shrewd & pseudo-intellectual mind but also exposes that deep inside your soulful heart which believes in per personRevolution 2020 is ruled by 5 point someone - called mind. Your 5 point senses overwhelm that poor someone in you which looses tragically almost always when it comes to actually implementing or living as per your own conscience or inner mute voice. Sad state it is. Sadistic nature it is.

I humbly suggest Oh my dear King of story teller kings, that you please bow down your eyes a little and read the short story of a suspicious king, his son, his son's wife ( you can call her queen bee  ) and one of his ordinary truth exposing minister published in today's dainik bhaskar just below your one-sided story.

Rest....i know you are intelligent enough to not only get the clue of who is who in the said story but also will know the crux of the said story therein.

I will not be surprised though, if you and your associates ask Queen Bee to leave India and go back to Italy. Please do it ASAP if you really believe that this will solve the state that your India or every Indian mind is in. May be, it will be better for Queen Bee and her son too. At least they will be then peacefully able to watch Indian social & political drama from a distance without any mediocre media or advertisement disturbances in between 

Oh yes !! i too wanna see when 120 crore idiots are ruled by a Hindutvavaadi dictator King. Don't you think it will be a much bigger, much larger, much super-duper silver screen hit then all the blockbuster Bollywood/Hollywood movies put together have ever dreamed to be? 

Don't worry Sir, the box-office collection, about which your tribe is so impulsive about, will be enormous too.
Go baby Go !!
Go for it !!
What are you waiting for - 2014 ??

manish badkas has sent you a link to a blog: 

Can you spare some time for reading 'between the lines' of this blogpost? I know you are pretty busy in your busiest schedule ever but still can you honor my humble request Oh my Lord ! Oh my King !!??!!
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