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The one who thinks of death goes through a revolutionary change in his/her life. Religiosity was impossible to thrive if there wouldn't have been death.
- Osho


PAST is something which is no more, which has died. We should have the courage to give a farewell party to that past which has died. Even if you feel sad in doing so you should have the ability to do so. Saving that past in your MIND ACCOUNT is very dangerous.

Someone asked:
Was the whole of past wrong..??
Is whole of the past so bad that we need to leave it..??
Is there nothing good in past..??

He replied:
First & foremost,
Father dies
We do not bury him or burn him because he was bad
We do so because our Dad is dead
No one comes & says that your father was a very good person and so he should not be burnt or buried. Instead his dead body should be saved in your house.It's a must, a compulsory duty of the family to honor a good man who is now no more, who has died.
Does anyone told you to do so..??

Ditto is with PAST
mentally, we just keep on carrying the load of that past, that dead body on our heads even when it stinks with foul smell of decaying. It's because of this burden of the past that we indulge in carrying in our minds that it becomes almost impossible or very difficult for the new to take birth.
If some family decides to keep the dead body of anyone who dies in the family then it will be very difficult for the new child to take birth and if at all it dares to get born in such a house then chances are that it will go crazy, insane or even commit suicide.
That house will slowly turn into a mad-house.

I ask you to leave the past so that you can see the tomorrow.
I ask you to forget the past so that you can get rid of sorrow.
A soul lost in memories of the past creates hindrances for itself to live happily in the present moment or create a blissful future.

Russian or American children are planning to create colonies on Moon or Mars but what our Indian children are doing? They are watching Ramleela. There ain't anything wrong in watching Ramleela. There is a lot to learn or imbibe from the character of Rama but then to stop there, just watching it and not implying it in our day-to-day life is paralyses of our neck which holds our head cause it will no more be interested in seeing ahead.
Headlights of a car are in front and not on back. This, because light should be on the road which is taking us to our final destination.

This habit of ours to praise our past, to call it golden age, Ram-rajya or satyug is just denying the wholesome truth. It was never as blissful as the half-baked stories tell us. There is a psychiatric reason behind making such stories.

A new born child looks at his future. He has no past memories in his mind.
An old man sees only at his past because he only has his death to see in his future which he doesn't want to see. He indulges to watch fond memories of the past events that took in his life which he himself was not happy to live at that point of time but today he remembers those times as his nostalgic golden young age. That young age at that point of time was as common as his old age is but our mind tries hard to save only happy memories and wants to forget sad events. Our egoistic mind does not want to tolerate sad moments anymore and hence chooses to remember only the half-baked truth.

Ditto with children too;
Ask a child and no child will say that his childish or adolescent age is giving him any happiness. Children always try to get young as soon as possible because that is where they see happiness.
10-12 year old children are found smoking cigarette behind your eye cameras. Making love, watching porn is the latest trend. Don't think that children are doing so because they are finding happiness in smoking or to gain sexual pleasure because their bodies, their senses are yet not mature enough to feel so. That are just doing so because they feel that it is the facebookish status symbol to show-off that they have grown-up.Sick attitude it is to find power, fame or pleasure in showing off yourself mature when in fact you are not even young. The same child when he grows old talks about his so called golden childhood.

A tribe which has grown old talks about its past.
A young society always talks about its future.
A man growing old is natural but a society growing old is an hilarious accident.
Every person has to grow old but its not necessary that the mind too should grow as old as body does. The mind should remain young till the time of its death but Indian society because of its vast number of Indians has gone through a fatal accident of growing old.

It sees past not because past was very beautiful or wonderful but because even young Indians have lost the talent, capability or courage to create a holy future. But for darkness they are able to see nothing in the future and so they dwell in past.

This is what i term as total loss of a new vision.

(Inspiration to translate this article in English taken from Osho's vision which he spoke on the topic of  नए भारत की खोज the book is unpublished till now but its series is been published regularly in YES OSHO monthly magazine.) 
 Man is bad case....isn't it?

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