Friday, February 14, 2014

NO PDA please....we get jealous naa!

"All that a girl wants from a boy is to make her feel that she is indeed his..,, front of everybody, everytime......and that's not too much to ask it?" This was a cute and yet demanding sms I received.
To which my candid response was:
"Why are you asking to prove my love and that too 'in front of everybody'?
Don't you know that love is made in loneliness?
Aren't you aware that in crazy India with lustful Indians it is strictly prohibited?
Aren't you aware that love can't be spoken, muted or displayed publicly?
Behold! Love can only be seen in the eyes of a true lover.
Behold! Love can only be felt as a feeling sublime through action or inaction both.
Love's transcendental nature can apprehended not by bookish knowledge or intellectual thinking but by pure intuition or childish ignorance.., everyTIME....and that is not too much to ask for it?"
So..., what is the need to show off the world that you indeed possess or are possessed by a girl or boy? What is the real necessity then - true love, name-fame or Huge sucksex (sic - pun intended)?
Don't worry true love and lovers never remain unnoticed.

वो कहते हैं ना कि "इश्क़ और मुश्क़ छिपाए नहीं छिपता"

Do You Believe In Public Displays Of Affection? - Romance?
What is acceptable to you might not be acceptable to the public.
So, what do you do, where do you do and how do you do?
P.s The most important question is "With whom do you do?"

No PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION PLEASE....not at all in The Times of India, I mean. Its Ok in USA, UK, Oz and western world but nay....not in eastern world. You know WHY? - MAY BE BECAUSE THE sun AND THE son BOTH RISES IN THE EAST WITH LOVE=SEX PHILOSOPHY 
Man is bad case....isnt it?

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