Sunday, October 26, 2014

How are you, today?

Mornings are Good
Days are Sunny
Evenings are Dusky
Nights are Godly 
YOU wake me up with a Smile,
Sun-shine my day with a cup full of Kisses,
Bless my Eve with a Saffron beauty
Make my night a loving play time
Oh Yes!
I call every such day a Lovely Day - a God Day

I know it ain't easy to Stay Cool
but please do make an effort to stay cool
Just keep on watching your own thoughts from a distance
As they pass by your own mind
Oh Yes! They certainly doesn't belong to some fool
Just observe your own intangible Emotions
Without absorbing them tangibly
Know that they are indeed YOURS
But certainly they aren't YOU
Well, are they..??

I know its difficult to Live Life Like a Child
Who keeps on Enjoying Every second of it 
By not only keeping his/her own Mind neat and clean 
But also keeping his/her Heart alive, fresh and kicking
Oh Yes! We made it even more difficult by growing up 
by indulging in eating that apple of Knowledge of good and evil
Ignorance once happened to be a Bliss
But now even sacred innocence is construed as a Piss

Oh Yes! 
Life is as easy as ABCD for all those
Who read their own Minds 
And know the 'Art of Living' a detachedly attached Life
By living every moment Now & Here 
And accept it with gratitude - the way it comes
Oh Yes! 
Life ain't a disease if we take it with ease

Oh Yes!
You can try to make every body's mind happy 
By abiding by their concepts & rules & regulations
But do take care lest you loose your own happiness in the process
Cause my always_being_in_happy_state Soul says
That it ain't easy to make any mind happy for a longer duration of Time
Not because it doesn't want to be happy 
But because it's not its nature to Stay Happy, Cool, Content or Healthy
Sadness, Heat, Discontent and Disease come along with it all the while
As an integral part of a two-faced coin called Life

To Choose one over another is mind's nature
To make YOU divide wholesome ONE into 'others' is its role
To create an infinite delusion from a unified infinity is its whole and sole duty
To open a sure shot door to lead a hell of a life is in its core
And so, how can we call it a whore?
Nay, it can't even be termed a disease
It is just the way it is
Oh Yes! It is just the way it is

Oh Yes!
The choice is, was and will always be totally ours and ours only
No matter what every Tom, Dick & Harry tells YOU
God has given this power of choice to every Jack 'n Jill
Oh Yes! 
This is most certainly the gift given to us by a freedom loving God
Who watches us every moment to see
What are His children doing with His beyond time gift called the PRESENT 

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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