Tuesday, December 2, 2014

X-mas -A season of hope

X-mas hope:

Adam and Eve in Eden Gardens lacked nothing and hence needed not to hope for anything;
But then the devil's serpent offer came with an allurement witch(pun)  they both accepted readily with indulgent lure;
Greedily they ate the God forbidden fruit of Knowledge: Knowledge of good and evil;
They got what they wanted: KNOWLEDGE.
But they lost what they had: INNOCENCE.
With the loss of innocence came the need for hope-hope that the guilt and the shame could be removedand goodness restored.
Jesus with his benevolent crucifixion not only bought our redemption but also earnestly forgave our sins.
Moreover, he made it possible for us to be wise about what is good and innocent about evil temptations.
Praise God for the hope of Christmas!

*(with due acknowledgement the above write-up is taken from -Julie Ackerman Link posted on December 2, Tuesday page of 2014 Annual Edition of OUR DAILY BREAD)* 

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