Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Mr. ROBIN SHARMA & likes...

This is in reference to ur self-help book titled WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE ? i find the title quite funny...i mean how does it matter to the deceased whether someone cries or laughs or whatever...???

i see that u quote a couplet of Kabir in a completely wrong sense & context & then u go ahead & ascribe it 'ancient Sanskrit saying'....may be after all its ur father's mistake & not urs but isnt it funny to base a book on a piece of cultivated knowledge, which u call 'wisdom'.

By the way do u really feel that wisdom can be given or 'offered'...??? Give 1001 ways but tell u what...wisdom still remains a mystery. Ur book is a perfect example of that cultivated knowledge. Congrats for the success of the book but that still does not translate into wisdom.....does it?

Coming back to what i need to share about the Kabir couplet. The couplet goes like this :


i translate the meaning for ur knowledge.
Mind it, if u do not already consider urself knowledgeable....
" Kabir says when i was born, the whole of the world rejoiced & laughed but i cried. Let me now live this life in such a way that i am not made into a laughing stock anymore. "

Kabir or any true Guru is not bothered about the others & their activities whether in alive state or dead. They are only living completely in the present moment. Action then is just a result of being. So, Kabir wants to live in NOW & HERE all his life & merge with the ONE who is timeless & egoless. He already knows that once he merges & is one with the ONE....he no longer will be required to take any physical form.
Call it rebirth, if u may.

This context is so different from what ur book professes. i feel ur concept will only make ur readers more hypocrite, more diplomatic, more two faced then then they already are, since their actions will be, as it probably is - even NOW, governed by a selfish & not a selfless motto of taking egoistic pleasure in counting the number of people who will cry if & when they die. Stupid...isnt it to be a politician who is seeking peoples tears & not votes. Different....but is it true wisdom?

Please note that this e-mail is a humble effort to put things into right perspective & in no way to demean or degrade ur effort.
Hope u mind --

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