Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just read and forget about it....

व्यक्ति को नहीं
बात को पकड़
बातों में निहित भावना को जकड़
तब दूर खड़े हो देख अपनी इस भावना को
अब तू इस जगत से आज़ाद है....!!!!!!!!!!!!


"A car needs as much force of positive ACCELERATION,
as much  negative energy it requires in BREAKING.
The clutch facilitates shifting of gears by itself not CLUTCHING to anything; but it is the DRIVER who drives the car smoothly by deciding as to which, what , when, why and how to use the options available to him.
The driver who employs EQUANIMITY by having no preference of one choice over another is the best. He does so by responding to the need of the moment."
                                                       - Michael Scchumakar

"CHOICELESS AWARENESS is a conscious decision to remain impartial to the life moments and the events therein.
It is like playing one ball at a time in the game of cricket. You don't dwell in past by thinking of the previous delivery that almost got your wicket; nor do you think of the past records or runs that you have scored; neither do you dream of the century that is on the taking.
You just concentrate on the ball and enjoy the game, ball by ball, the way it comes. You play the ball on its merits and to the best of your abilities.
Bliss it is............................."
                                                 -Sachin Tendulkar

"ATTITUDE is germane to how we actually live our life on a day-to-day.....nay......on a moment-to-moment basis.
What we think is secondary.
                                                 - Roger federer

"All the faces of the people, as also of the life, look beautiful when we allow the heart to rule our mind.
The sad thing is that the heart, so filled with love & compassion, most of the time is over ruled by a mind governed by pride n prejudice."
                                                       - Aamir Khan

"Anger raises its ugly face when the lust n desires that we have from the life do not get fulfilled.
They never will.........."
                                                      - John McKenero

"The mindset which looks at situations as WORST or BEST shall never be able to free itself from the parities of life."
                                                      - Sri Sri Ravishankar

"The unfinished search, because of which we all are born, is how to be one with the one...???

A single sperm has 37.5 mega bytes of DNA information stored in it. It means that a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587.5 giga bytes in 3 seconds and we thought google is faster.....

Then again, only one out of these millions of sperms gets a stupendous chance to be human; and only one out of such billions of human beings really tries to realise himself; and only one out of such trillions of travellers triumphs in being one with the one.

Oh! what a rarity the prophets, their arrival and their words of wisdom are and we think that possessing a zillion dollars is everything.....

Wake up please !!
Wake Up to the voice within !!
i beg you.............pleeeeeez
Its a God day to begin................"
                                                      - John Cohen

"The fact that we are all so very special in our own natural way is so common that we try to become extra-ordinary in the crowd of specials and thus lose our original UNIQUENESS."
                                                     - ShahRukh Khan

"The LIFE that we live in the outside; for the outside; by the outside can be a bliss if we are at utmost peace with the life that throbs in the inside."
                                                     - Mother Teresa

"The population of India would not have been what it is today had we known what to do with our creative juices......
F*** India F***
F*** till everything perishes...."

                                                    - Salman Rushdie

"The effort to break an argument for the sake of some or other inherent fear and not out of love for silence; is also an argument."
                                                   - Vikram Seth

"TODAY is too big a unit for me to do my level best...
Instead I try to be as much meditative as I can be in each and every moment.
Opportunities are enormous and forever in the NOW & HERE."
                                                      - Osho

Every hour is god sent...
Every moment is god gift...
Its all about how we take it;
Good one accepts..
Bad one selects..
Ugly one rejects..
Saint observs...............

hitherto..., Man has been a bad case.....


                                                                                                                                                     - MAN IS BAD KASE


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