Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A few messages...

Feelings of an egoistic mind might be like a glass...ever on the verge of breaking into pieces at the slightest hint of trouble but friendship of a pure heart is a class apart.
It can see through every scratch and every break that it comes across

Enough is not enough till the time we keep on aspiring for more, more and more...
Satisfaction is but gratification when we need to suppress our desire no more.

Asking you to do this
when i am alive
or to do that
when i am dead
more or less
to infrine upon your freedom
to be YOU
just as you ARE
just as like to be..
just as you want to be..
i would just pray that
you are awake and alive to the now and here.

Yes...i do miss you
not as a fallen leaf
as that leaf which got detached from the tree only to get attached to the whole.
Having lived in loneness amongst so many like it, it now enjoys oneness.

The art of speaking is not about holding the tongue or allow it to slip but to let it speak the language of heart.

Every boy wants to be the the first man in a girls life
Every girl wants to be the last woman in a boys life
Is it true..??
Personally i think that given a choice
they both want to be the first and last in their partners life.
They do compromise to being either the first or the last person in someone's life when being both, first and last, does not seem humanly possible.
May be
because they know not what true love is all about...
May be
because they consider holding a position as love...
May be
because they think owning someone as their own as love...
May be
because they both feel insecure in letting their love free...
I don't know...
What's your take?

Walmart is no threat or competetion to Waves music shop...
Walmart is not smart enough to convince Indians to respect intellectual property right ; to ask them to pay their hard earned money to the art form as a way of gratitude ; to educate them to say no to piracy.

A prayer is never a nagging demand.
When it is so, it takes the form of an expectation
expectation is a produce of a preying mind
hope that of a praying heart.

In trying to 'understand' a person, we 'know' not that we make a 'thing' out of that person.

Life is bliss when we say NAMASTE or bid our NAMASKAR to the god that resides inside the hand we shake or hold.

Growth of a plant is resultant not only to the free breathing space but also to the nourishing suffocation that the soil causes to the seed.
Every problem is but a challenge.

If you want to maintain relationships try ego massage.
It works better than soulful text messaging.

It is not "hurt" that the other causes to you when he or she pleases you one day and rebukes you another day...
it is "dependency" born out of stupid "expectations" from the other.
Free yourself...

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