Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your laughter...

Your laughter...
Yes your laughter,
it makes my day even more bright..
it comes straight from your heart..
it shines through your eyes..
it spreads through your lips..
it sounds like a bird chirping in the morn.. dear
Please do sing that song...
Keep singing..
Ya..let it go on and on and on..
Ya..take it to the crescendo..
let the tears start to roll from your eyes..
let your cheeks go crimson..
Yes..let them slip n slide along..
Yeah..take that brief pause..
indulge your self in that necessary break..
Now..fill up your lungs with fresh air..
Yeah..take a deep breath again..
Open up your heart
and come back with a song..
Ohh Yesssss..
Your laughter is a song...

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