Monday, June 17, 2013


Amazing USE and THROW policy:

If you really need to use & throw your fellow human beings by thinking of them as some kind of mechanical things, toys or objects then please do take care about USING  them very Lovingly.Understandingly.Caringly.Kindly ( i abbreviate it as L.U.C.K :-) )

i ask you to do so because you already know naa....that such people are not only stupidly but also egoistically very very very sensitive.

In fact, they are Super sensitive ;-)

So, act as if you are using & throwing them with world's supernatural growth as a soulful benevolent benedictory intent behind this utmost necessary process that you are willingly indulging in ;-)

...and YES...

Never let them feel that you are using them or you have used them or you are planning to use them.

Nope .. Never...Never...Never

It would be even more better or more so the best, if you can somehow manage to befool them to make them believe that you've actually set them Free to fly in a blissful Alice's wonderland or a timeless zone which is much much beyond their own limited mindset or belief ;-)

This, even when you amazingly trust and are fully aware that in fact you've actually thrown them to sink in abyss after using their energetic spirit and also their genetic skills ;-)

That's so intellectual of you. Isn't it..?? ;-)

All this, hoping that allowing or letting this discarded item species to grow up supernaturally or evolve god willingly as per their own heartfelt wishes or desires is not at all a reliable option for those who choose to USE & THROW others as a must must must spiritual need ;-)

Well, not at all because why should a HYBRID care about the pathetic superstitious whims & fancies of a low category upcoming breed ?

Right naa..??

Oh Yes !! You are always righteous and that is so because you are never wrong :-)
After all, God blesses you all the time - no matter what you do :-)

Link up and read more about this hybrid species published on as an e-book by the title MAN IS BAD KASE which between the lines means Mann(Mind) is bad case ;-)

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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