Friday, June 21, 2013


This write-up is with reference to the current news published in almost all good newspapers that Indian Government has started CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM from April 2013 which means that someone is keeping an 'eye' on your calls, sms - text messages, e-mail etc. This surveillance system will help the government to tape or record your phone calls, your e-mail content, your facebook updates, your twitter tweets or your posts on your blog , Linkedin etc.

Human Rights Organizations are raising the issue of violation of right of privacy. They are indeed fearful about the chances of criminal minded misuse of these technological spying and hence are rightfully protesting against the usage of this central monitoring system.

True, Honest, Law-abiding, Morally righteous and free, loving, patriotic patrons or citizens of  India need not need to worry or fear about this corrective step taken by the government of India to correct the criminal minded individuals or intellectuals. In a way the Indian Government is just trying to help us protect from this bullying animals or blackmailers and for this, the Indian Government should not only be helped to get hold of such criminals but also should be publicly appreciated for taking such a bold and futuristic step.

We, almost 12 crore internet users in current India can not only send this appreciative message to the Government of India and its officials but also to the biased mediocre media & its editorial men.
Needless to say that this message will automatically reach to the most dishonest, law-breaking, immoral, mind slaves, hating, tyrants and fugitive citizens of India too if you people actually help me by implementing or honoring my humble request to share this post or its link with as many people as much you possibly can.

Do not worry, I will surely get an authentic signal about your true identity whether you people honor my request or choose not to do so :-) 

Yes...the criminal minded people of India should know that we are preparing for a ruthless war against criminally rich people of India.
Yes...its time for them to understand that our moral strength or goodness is not our weakness or a social taboo.

Who is watching who?

So What...if you have a hi-tech surveillance to watch my text messages, e-mails, blog posts, tweets, fb updates or have the facility to to tape my phone calls or record my call details..??

You still have no authority to control me, terrify me, enslave me or crucify me.

You wanna know - WHY SO..??

I humbly share with you as to why it is so.
It is because of n number of reasons my dear citizen of India.
Well, let me share a few of them with you.
You can take these reasons as you like or prefer but for me they are as good as the TEN COMMANDMENTS:
  1. I have no Secret. My Life is an open for all book.
  2. i do not indulge into any self-ambitious, secretive or sinful acts about which i need to feel guilty or feel ashamed about, later on.
  3. I am absolutely free to live this Life, the way I choose to live.
  4. I have been blessed with a noumenal protective shield of LOVE-UNDERSTANDING-COMPASSION-KINDNESS. You can call it my L.U.C.K in an abbreviated form.
  5. The Almighty has promised me to be my Savior even at times when I mistakenly commit a blunder or found to be pathetically involved in a mistake done out of sheer ignorance.
  6. My Almighty lovingly forgives even my most ruthlessly & knowingly committed sins if I duly, consciously & wholeheartedly apologize in front of Him/Her.
  7. I kneel down and seek His/Her pardon on a daily moment to moment basis and that too with a pure soulful intent.
  8. I God willingly perform all my acts meditatively with due and utmost respect towards the honorable soul that rests within the body temple of all and sundry as my Supreme Lord.
  9. Shiv-Shakti has blessed me with abundant courage, war skills and well justified righteousness to deal with, fight with, quarrel with, fight with, handle it or raise a spiritual war with the evil minded devils of the world. Yes, I am Zorba - the warrior outside and Buddha - the meditator within.
  10. Lastly but mind you, not the leastly; You do not have the WISDOM to understand or grasp the crux of any of the statement typed above because you are in possession of an evil-minded spirit which is not at all bestowed with dedication towards honesty or truth and which is certainly not gifted with selfless devotion towards LOVE. Yes, my lifelong Sadgurus have honored me with this immortal gift.
and so...., 

         Mann is bad case....isn't it?

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