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POLEMIC: a polemic is a very strong written or spoken attack on, or defence of, a particular belief or opinion.

"A transfer of attention, on the part of science, from purely physical problems to questions of consciousness will truly lead us to the infinite world of "new physics" where there will be no dualism of rest & motion, and no diplomacy of matter & vacuum.
Everything finite is an illusion in an infinite world."
                                                                        - Professor P.D.Ouspensky

The microscopic living cell is more powerful than a volcano - the idea is more powerful than the geological cataclysm.
Time & Space are necessary properties of world but not of consciousness.

I am not interested in religion if being "religious" means just regularly following a set of traditional customs, rituals or rules so that we can look good outwardly but remain full of hypocrisy and lawlessness inside instead of enjoying a loving relationship with the Almighty.
There are numerous God-fearing people but God-loving there aren't many.

"There is no greater error or sin than to regard the world is 'divided' into phenomena & noumena.
This is philosophic illiteracy, which shows itself most clearly in the dualistic 'spiritistic' theories. The division into phenomena & noumena exists only in our minds. The 'phenomenal world' is simply our incorrect perception of the world.

One who is materialistic enough to make a selfish use of even as sacred a thing as devotional SELF-SACRIFICE to gain some or the other beneficial value instead of getting content with the feeling of immense benediction, is a valueless devilish personality with mean attitude.

Oh yes...
I'm gorgeous inside 
Oasis* I'm not 
My genesis* difficult to find 
Arc* mine is indiscriptively defined 
Arcade* I'm yet to find 
Righteousness is my heartfelt tide 
Characteristic beauty is my natural pride 
Arcane* I'm in a crevasse* cave 
Manna* waves just behind 

[Oasis* - a small area in a desert where water and plant are found. Genesis* - of something is its beginning, birth, or creation. Arc* - a smoothly curving line or movement. Arcade* - a covered passage where there are shops or market stalls. Arcane* - secret or mysterious. Crevasse* - a large, deep crack in thick ice or rock. Manna* - something unexpected is manna from heaven, means that it is good and happened just at the time it was needed.]

It is not at all human nature to want this or that is the human mind that deduces us.
Mannish mistake is its illusionary vision which willingly allows its own mechanical mind to rule over its physical body & spiritual soul.

Blissful though, never compromises with the truth - neither politically, nor ridiculously. It acts as per the need of the time & thinks not about the forthcoming results.
This then is the key to live a karmayogic life.
Accept it or reject it my dear - the choice is, was & will be always yours & yours only.

If Shaitaan canturn love into indifference, God can change indifference back into love. God's power to restore is stronger than Shaitaan's power to destroy.

How do you define success?
For me; success is a SUCKingly greedy & SEXy disorder of human mind which unables us to get satisfied with life - as it is in now & here only to find out sooner or later that in fact it is nowhere.

Love is all about giving, giving, giving and keeping on giving till the last breath of this metaphysical life.
What we then get is beyond our imagination though.

Rejoicing it is to know that you are reviled, persecuted and honoured with evilgod medals of falsity for loving without any expectation whatsoever.
Remember, S/he who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

This too is a polemic attack -non-verbal type though ;-)

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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