Monday, November 25, 2013


I've just voted in a Cambridge school courtyard in Ujjain - M.P. State Assembly elections and practiced not only my right but also my responsibility as a citizen of India. I don't know why but this article or write-up is what my inner voice is intuiting me to share with all of you.

Please do read it carefully and not only honour but also oblige my basic instincts.

"When I teach English composition, I require students to write in class. I know that in-class writing is their own work, so in this way I become familiar with each student's writing 'voice' and am able to detect if they "borrow" a bit too heavily from another writer. Students are surprised to learn that their writing voice-which includes what they say as well as how they say it-is as distinctive as their speaking voice. Just as the words we speak come from our hearts, so do the words we write. They reveal who we are.

We become familiar with our own inner voice of conscience in much the same way. By reading what It has written, we learn who or what IT is and how It expresses Itself - call IT love or god as you please.

Satan, however, tries to make himself sound like god. By using divine words in a slightly altered fashion, he comes up with convincing arguments for things that are untrue. For example, by convincing people to do things that simulate godliness or loveliness, such as trusting in an outward regimen of self-discipline rather than its own egoist mind's death for salvation. Satan has led many astray.

Love/god went to extremes to make sure we'd recognize Its voice. It not only gave us Its word, It gave us the word made flesh - Messiahs/Gurus/Teachers/Prophets/... - so that we will not be easily deceived or misled."
                                   - Abridged article of Julie Ackerman Link

Instill within my heart, dear Love/Lord,
A deep desire to know Your word,
I want to learn to hear your voice
That I may make Your will my choice.
                                                         - D. Dehaan


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