Saturday, March 8, 2014


balanced lovingly

MEN and WOMEN are here to 'compLete' each other. Its the lack of the letter 'L', standing here for 'LOVE' which makes them 'compete' with each other vigorously.

For me, each and every day is a WOMEN'S DAY, for masculine (पौरुषीय) Shivalingam is incomplete or अपूर्ण without the feminine (स्त्रैण) Shaktiswaroopa.The two power grids are not only divine lovers of each-other but also are in so much harmony with each-other that there ain't any other which exists for them, between them or beyond them. It's a state of divine union (योग) wherein and through which this infinite cosmos not only exists but also survives growingly.

divine union

     Man(मन) is bad case....isn't it?

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