Sunday, June 29, 2014

Facing YOU

"क़ायम रहे ख़ुदा  पे वो ईमान मुबारक़, 
ईमान मुक़म्मल हो ये अरमान मुबारक,  
दिल, जिस्म, रूह पाक रहे दौर-ए-इबादत, 
अल्लाह के बन्दों को हो रमज़ान मुबारक"

When Shaitaan seems to dominate the world around YOU,
When anxiety, loneliness and  despair seems to color YOU blue,
When no one seems to understand what YOU are going through,
Face the reality with utmost trust and patience,
Know that the help is on its way to YOU,
ShivaShakti indeed knows what you need and where exactly are YOU,
S/He is not only sending timely messages to YOU
but is also indulged in sending a terrific rescue team to sustain YOU,
Rest assured that they are safely bringing back home the real YOU,
Yeah....the real YOU within YOU....!!

Its been long since my naked eye last saw YOUR face but... 
Behind my eye the countenance is always YOURS...
Trust me with patience, its TRUE.

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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