Sunday, August 24, 2014

Funny Lingo


 Life पहले corn flake से 'Gold Flake' हुई 
फिर ना जाने कब hectic से  'Classic' हो गयी एक दिन अपनी ही 'Wills' पे 
और अब एक 'Foursquare' खड़ी है किसी 'Marlboro' के साथ मस्ती में...

Silence sometimes heals better than words do,
Loneliness sometimes sounds better than noisy crowds do,
but then who told you that Solitude is Loneliness - its Oneness dude!

We are indeed born alone, we infact live alone and yes, we do die alone.
Oh yes! Its a bitter deadly truth which can be better digested by living in with a 'हमसफ़र' (soulmate) rather than marriedly suffering this 'सफर' (journey).
Thank you for being you.

My 'miss' very well 'understands' when & what to go 'under'  and also how and why to 'stand' where & hence there ain't MISUNDERSTANDING between us.

यहां बारिशों के 'लाले' पड़े हुए हैं ज़मीन-ओ-दराज़ पे...,
और वहाँ 'लाली' छायी हुई है शर्म-ओ-हया की लबों-लबों पे..!!

We think a lot about future but can our thinking process add even an iota of miligram in His stature or a bit of change in our image?
Think not about morrow: for morrow is capable enough to think and care about itself.
Its better to suffer in earthlife than to turmoil in afterlife.
How about discounting prosperity & political success in this visible world and investing lively in those secret deeds which our Father sees secretly and rewards openly?

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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