Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You know...

The perfect mistook
The perfection
as a mistake
in search of that
mistaken perfection
which is indeed
a perfect mistake
- a perfect case of
mistaken identity it is...
is it not?

You do not stop to live
the day you become aware
that yes...you too are gonna die
that becomes the day
when you really start to live
each and every moment of this life
just as it comes
you do not panic
you do not dream
you just start to live...

You just let silence speak for itself
in its own silent way
may be...its the lingo
the deaf n dumb understand...

You do not search for a drop of love
from the outside
you do not seek support, help, care
or understanding from the outside
you find it ridiculous
because you know
that yes...there flows a steady stream
of all these and more
in the inside...

You do not overtly worry about pitfalls
or roadblocks
or opinions
for you know for sure
that pitfalls surely await for them
whose minds are either focussed on the future
or are dwelling in the past
you just start to live in the present...

You do not try to become extra-ordinary
you know that you are unique
just as everybody n everything else is
you accept this uniqueness in all n sundry
as a common factor that not only unites you
with everything else with ease
but also makes you one with the one...

You do not look for opportunities
for you know that the opportunities are forever
for the one who learns to be totally present
in the Now&Here...

You do not live to seek or suck
instead you just live
giving n sharing comes naturally to you
just like that rose
who gives his all
even when he lives for a day...

You do not compromise or adjust
coz you find no grace
in changing yourself as per the situation
you change bcoz you are indeed
one integral part of that eternally changing phenomenon
called life...

You do not struggle to make yourself immortal
with time you realise
that dedication n perseverance
is what makes you realise
that yes...you were born perfect
but education n beliefs ruined you
but only as a Phoenix...

You do not rest in peace
neither do you plan in peace
you just trust time to be eternally just
no matter what time it is...

You do not wear masks
each different from the other
depending on the persona you meet
you, like a true lover
are just n honest in each n every relation...

You do not thrive for success
neither do you wish to be a failure
for you know deep in your heart
that they are all mental blocks
with a certain limitaion to them
you are aware that the limitless
cannot be mentally limited to one or other form
just as you cannot be
as bliss n blissful
are not two states of a limited mind...

You stop to be obedient
but you are not arrogant either
you know that obediency is
as much a trait required by
a Hitlersque mind
just as arrogancy is
a needless proposition displayed by
a Grothesque soldier...

You do not come under the control
of spoken word
for you cling not to them forever
you just take them for their merit in that moment
nothing more...nothing less...

You do not believe that
you are the writer
for deep down you know
that you are just a willing instrument
which feels blissful for being chosen by life
to write what it wants to write through you...

You do not hurt yourself by hating others
for you know that
hating others is the biggest hurt
that you can suffer yourself with...

You also know that you are
still full of expectations from the others
till you find them capable enough to hurt you
you just wish yourself freedom
from this hellish feeling of otherness...

You do not make a mockery of life
by living to gain rewards n titles from it
you just live for the pleasure of living
for you know that life has given you everything
without even sparing a thought
about your supposed deservedness...

You do not consider yourself a tree
bcoz you know that
the mist, the fog, the hallucination
of the mind is so great
that it considers an all seeking man
as an all giving tree...

You garner courage
you challenge prestige
you question well accepted beliefs
you break idols
that have been thrust upon you traditionally
you discover truth
you recognise un-truth
you declare it so
no matter how big it is...

You know that you know
only that much
that has compassionately agreed
to come under your observation
you know only that much
that you know as of now
about the mystery of life
you know nothing...

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