Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DB starts up the JOY OF GIVING WEEK in its own hilarious style...

Dear Sir,

i can very well understand the troublesome insecurity that the chewing tobacco makers, their staff or their chewers are going through because of the ban implied by 14 state governments on consumption, selling, marketing or production of Gutkha associations. i can also empathize with the biased view of Smokeless Tobacco Association which willfully chose to forget the government effort to caution cigarette smokers by making cigarette producers to themselves mention on each and every pack of cigarette that "SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH" which does not mean by applying any logical standard that government considers cigarette smoking anymore profitable than chewing tobacco. Not only that, the government also compels film makers to mention the caution in their films. Government has also banned cigarette smoking at public places or public transports but these facts are conveniently ignored by smokeless tobacco association.

Gutkha not only spreads diseases and unhealthiness in the mouth and body of tobacco chewers but also makes one spit its dirtiness all over our mother Nature. Moreover, just mindfully calculate and soulfully keep on observing the number of people who smoke cigarettes and how many cigarettes do they smoke in a day as compared to how many people including ladies chew tobacco and how many gutkas do they chew in a day and you will know the bigger culprit yourself.

Gutkha associations considering government ban implied on their industry as biased injustice with them or their business associates can be understood but nonetheless, it is the need of the hour to make people realize the ill and side effects of Gutkha till people grow up mature enough to know the causes and illness of the sick choice they chew every now and then.

What i completely fail to understand is the reason because of which the biggest newspaper group of India chooses to publish such a half-truth narrating advertisement of Smokeless Tobacco Association on the front page and that too just below the humble appeal of Mr Rameshchandra Agrawal regarding the JOY OF GIVING..??

Are the editors of dainik Bhaskar intellectual idiots or intelligent fools to commit such a blunder..??


is it that they themselves are so busy with their powerful pictorial view of the society that they are no good at editing their own thought process by being alive and awake to the current situation..??

Is this what DB CHAIRMAN wants to give the society..??

Is this the infinite happiness of giving that Mr Rameshchandra Agrawal is writing about in his article..??

Is this his way of supporting GUTKHA SANGH  on Gandhi Jayanti just as Gandhiji supported CHARKHA SANGH by collecting money..??
Only difference being - Gandhi collected for people from people and Charman of DB is collecting for DB from people.

i think that the biggest newspaper group of India is the poorest group of India too or else why would it do such a hilarious thing.

Is it ethical business practice to compromise on human values when it comes to benefit our own pocket or bank balance..??


watch out...
beware of the choice...         

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