Monday, October 1, 2012

An open letter to DAINIK BHASKAR

Dear Dainik Bhaskar,

This is just to lovingly show a mirror image to you, your reporters, your editors, your correspondents and your readers who are all part of this mass society called India. A mass which is as dirty, as cheap, as corrupt and as vindictive as its political leaders are. In fact, its a mass which deliberately indulges in such devilish reporting of news, so that it can find solace in the fact that the whole system is such and so am I.
Oh yes, in the process i see my own image too.

Your reporting, your titles depict your sick android thinking.

Now, today's front page picture title पाक को किया साफ़ clearly shows your hate towards Pakistan and Pakistanis. It also shows off your egoistic attitude which takes pleasure in hurting its opponents hilariously.It clearly nudes your culprit mind which just wants to spread chaos between two gaming nations by turning a game into war. It is done just in the same way as a Tv channel now a days is doing by showing SUR SHETRA music program as some kind of talent war. No wonder then that such channels term it as a talent HUNT.

When will you grow up Dainik Bhaskar..??
When, When, When..??

I ask you a simpler question now:

Why didn't you mockingly titled the next big photograph in your today's newspaper front page as पुरुषोत्तम गिर पड़े मोहन के कदमो में instead of compassionately or shrewdly or fearfully or diplomatically titling the fall down as संघ प्रमुख के सामने फिसल गए ..??

Are you not depicting your mental sickness, your double standard nature, your most unhygienic and most pervert diplomatic policy to support only that side which suits your business by purportedly using two different criteria while reporting two naturally common events..??

I do send this msgs to you daily morning on 09223177890 and also immediately get a server response saying, "Thank you for your valuable feedback. Dainik Bhaskar", but no human response is ever received. I do not need your mechanical, your technological, your server friendly response for my heartfelt feedback but please do HEAL UP YOURSELF, as soon as possible, if you can that is...
Plz do, Plz do, Plz do
Pleeeeeeez do it RIGHT NOW & HERE. 

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