Friday, January 4, 2013


This is with reference to Mr Pritish Nandi's expressive article titled 'YES JUSTICE KATJOO, I AM IDIOT' on society column published on editorial page of January 3rd, 2013 dainik bhaskar newspaper.

My dear Mr PRITISH NANDI ji very intellectually seems to readily adopt MASS CONFUSION as a divine strategy to achieve his spiritualistic goal to attain harmony, peace and well-being for world and Indian citizens.

Either this...


he is realistically delusional between knowing the difference between SELFISH MATERIALISTIC IDIOCY and SELFLESS SPIRITUALISTIC INNOCENCE.

He himself goes ahead of the giant 90% crowd and proves his egoistic and ambitious leadership of the foolish crowd by asking not only Mr Katjoo but also divine power to leave him lonely in the ignorant crowd of 90% hungry Indians walking stubbornly and crazily on the road to attain just materialistic success and authority.

LOST he is, just as his 90% idiotic friends are.

He more so, because he willfully and politically chooses to be with dual-minded foolish perspectives of closed-minded voters. This, even after he is been blessed to know at least 90% part of the whole truth.

May be, he needs to learn the SUPREME IDIOCY by none other than Justice Katjoo who is courageous, selfless, knowledgeable and spiritualist enough to speak up the language of his voice of inner conscience or soul rather than listening just to the noise of his intellectual mind. 
It does require a true vision of love to follow your heart. 


even after you are very well aware that 99% people might consider or label you as a RUTHLESS CRITIC.

May be, Mr PRITISH NANDI needs to change the spelling of his name to PREETISH NANDI. 
It might help him to have the प्रीत a real नंदी stands for with surrender to serve his ईश्।  

Man is bad case.... isn't it?

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