Monday, September 15, 2014

"a heartbreaking love story"

यूँ हँस-हँस के जीवन गुजारता है कोई
जैसे अपनी ही मौत का कफ़न सँवारता है कोई
कल रात वो फिर नहीं सोई
ख़्वाबों में ही हकीकत बुनता रहा कोई

   "a heartbreaking love story"  

That was the most lucky day of our life when we were destined to meet as lovers
That was the most memorable day of our lives when the mind-body-soul of two lovers transcendentally united to be one with the one and only One
Now, they were indeed husband and wife not socially though but illegally the groom was ready to kiss the bride Oh! what a sight - what a sight!!
Today they celebrate the most auspicious day of their life by thanking Lord for keeping their so called adulterous love marriage intact, update and alive
Kicking in spite of the venomous trials, travails and non-stop tumults of the stigmatic life
Yes, it's is true that the husband's heart bleeded with blames of lust as angry minds twisted and tortured the naked less body of his soul mate
Crying he was in pain filled with shame for not being able to help his lonely wife
Yes, in fact the wife faced and continues to face much more drastic troubles and troublesome times that only a young and beautiful Indian wife has to bear, being condemned as a passionate love crazy and cursed widow
All these tremendously terrible turmoils which her soulful husband could not even think or dream about kept on going when he far away was leading a happy-go-lucky kind of life, thanks to his soulful wife's courageous and righteous love
Yes indeed, he will be always sorry for his inability to even being able to count , measure or understand the sad data, moments and faulty accounts lived by his loving wife who kept on loving him unconditionally and still does it more than anyone else did or even imagines to do 
Yes, this remains a most difficult to digest TRUTH of his life 
(-a hopelessly bad kase he is whom his wife trusts to be a god send manna for his seamlessly sympathetic, emphatic, hot and simmering wify)   

Man is bad case....isn't it?

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