Monday, April 25, 2011


Medicines can be given from the outside, but LOVE cannot be. It has to be felt from the inside.

Marrying for reasons other than LOVE leads to the disaster called family.

No wonder....they hate LOVE stories.
They find out quite early in life that their parents are not in LOVE but in some kind of stupid n ugly compromise called marriage

LOVE ain't about getting. It is all about giving
The joy of giving is much more satisfactory than the pleasure of receiving.Better still, if one gives - not to get joy but because giving comes naturally to him.

It is natural to seek permanency in LOVE as we are indeed one inseparable part of that Shaswat Sanatan Purn LOVE called LIFE.
Birth and Death are temporary features of life but life they are not.

The difference between knowing theory of LOVE and actually practicing it in day-to-day life is what seperates a philosopher from a lover.

Man is a bad case....isnt it?

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