Friday, March 1, 2013

No comments on Budget....please

I know you are NOT as blessed with wisdom or sensitivity to sense common sense as your MAI was but still no harm in trying....

Your great philosophical Mai gifted you your current status but she could not bless you wisdom cause it cannot be...

My comments does not remain unsolicited once you dare to publish your dumb articles with your e-mail id...

Neither do you become great, successful or a complete failure if you get news papers to publish or unpublish your articles. It is all about your inner sense of bliss which you might never feel cause it does not make sense to you.

Any way, since we are on the topic of comments let's change the mood and talk about BUDGET.

Just like our bigB Amitabh Bacchan ji, i too have no comments on Budget. There is a difference behind the reason though. He says," He knows not the budget of his own home so how can he comment on government budget." So honest & humble of him - virtues that your kind of celebrities often do not have or loose with time because they know not how to digest their gifts.

As per your intellectual perspective i am a foolish caretaker of a music shop which deals and sells only original audio/video cds since 1999. Thanks to intelligent, well educated, successfully rich, piracy loving people of great Indian society, my annual income since last 14 years, continues to be stagnant at 1.25K (for naivete- it means one lakh twenty-five thousand rupees per annum)
i am SHREE bigB's brother FREE - Yes tax-free 

But please do not intrinsically smile or laugh at my lower middle class almost touching below poverty line status...haan? Cause i am only income-tax free all the taxes like service, property tax, light tax, road tax, VAT, etc etc etc i do have to pay on time and which i honestly do because i am foolish. I do not have the intelligence to save tax or avoid tax by using some or the other cunning immoral tactics. What to do..?? i am not blessed with such shrewd intelligence naa !!

i wonder when dainik bhaskari sufficiently earning people like you continuously criticize or blame either government or SUM or the other person for their limitless dreams getting broken or their unfulfilled mind ever making them remain unsatisfied and full of complaints.Are you really so poor? मंदर हर्ष जी, कृपया कर अब आप ही कुछ समझाइये अपनी इस बेतुकी पत्रकारिता वाली जमात को।  

You people can at least Thank Lakshi Devi Ji for not being one among those billions of people who belong to lower middle class or below poverty line family.

If not, can you help me in improving my income by purchasing and promoting my e-book titled MAN IS BAD KASE, published by as a Kindle select book @ Will you be great, magnificent or kind enough to do so?

God bless you with true love if you could and may God bless you with wisdom if you cannot.

It never goes waste.
Man is bad case.... isn't it?

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