Sunday, March 3, 2013

open letter to senior journalists...

My dear Pritish Nandy,

I don't know whether you get TIME out of your pretty busy schedule to read or meditatively go through candid feedback from good for nothing, non-celebrity, infamous, common man like us but still i keep on trying to reach your time zone. I do that out of immense hope of peace and harmony that i have in the inner voice of conscience and its immaculate power or vision of love.

its not my arena to judge or decide whether or not you or journalists like you have been blessed or have consciously developed the power of that wisdom which cannot be given or taken but has to be earned by making conscious choices as daily part of each and every moment of our life.

For example, as a fellow twitter i once told you that "IT WILL TAKE YOU YEARS TO REACH THERE..." when you were childishly typing comparatively foolish tweets on our Prime Minister Mr. ManMohan Singh & his style of responding to challenges that he and his government faces on a day to day basis. As per your phenomenal intellect - its non-action or foolish quietism - a fact that even i can blame you with, being a regular sender of several e-mails to a SENIOR JOURNALIST & FILM MAKER like you, till date.

Your pseudo-intellectual mind thought that i am TWEETING about your PM state, when, in fact, i was giving you a clue about that state of eternal bliss where the soul becomes the Singh or Mohan of Mann or mind.

I am aware that you are educated (at least about outer world ), that you are rich (at least money wise if not heartily ), that you are intelligent (at least in world wise questioning & doubting area if not in limitless area of love & trust ) but the biggest problem or challenge that your kind of celebrities suffer with is that they do not have sufficient TIME. Your slot do not have time to read YOURSELF and neither do you have any spiritual intent, appetite or awareness to read between the lines of the words of very many PROPHETS. This so, because your ego does not allow you people to accept the fact that you are not learned enough to avoid or ignore or ridicule or criticize or comment  upon the learning or teachings that life continuously offers each and every moment.

For the time being, i can only share this:

मृत्यु और मोक्ष में फर्क -
साँस  ख़त्म हो जाए और तमन्नाएँ बाकी रहें तो मृत्यु 
साँस बाकी रहे और तमन्नाएँ ख़त्म हो जाएँ तो मोक्ष 


ज्ञानमय और आनंदमय जीवन में फर्क -
तमन्नाओं को ख़त्म करने की हिंसात्मक, निन्दात्मक और अप्राकृतिक चेष्ठा ज्ञानमय 
तमन्नाओं के साथ प्रेमपूर्ण, रचनात्मक मस्ती, हास्य, विनोद, से भरपूर रास लीला खेलनाआनंदमय 

सद चित्त आनंदमय भव: 

Man is bad case....isnt it?

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