Saturday, May 2, 2015


Strange as it may appear to our blaming minds, the truth is that we write our own destiny through the ink of our karma, with the pen of our choice.
So its dumb to blame god, others or the worldly systems for the state of our life.
To stay natural and to enjoy the walk in the garden of life while we are alive is a smart thing to do.
Our desire to reach the celestial heights, to touch the sky is extra-ordinary shall be surely fulfilled someday, in death if not in life.

These days i am horrified for humanity to observe that Chanakya and his political quotes are termed 'beautiful' in text messages.
Whatever happened to our sense of beauty or is it that our trust in honesty and simplicity has gone all too weak...??
Many a times i feel that we should alter the name of "mind' to 'DON'
"Don ko khush rakhna mushkil hi nahi namumkin bhi hai..."

A little piece of advice from my guru which has always provided peace and worked in my favour is this :
"Know yourself - not throgh the eyes or views or beliefs of the others about you but by following your own heart. That is the supreme knowledge on earth."
When you walk like this in the garden of life with your eyes wide open and awake, the so called fans of Chanakya will not like you. They will create troubles for you. They will isolate you. They will do whatever they can to stop you from becoming self-dependent, independent or free because it is your slavery that yields them tons and tons of sadistic pleasure.
Stay prepared to make this sacrifice but also remember that it is not sacrifice in the first place if it values or demands any other thing in return.

Have you observed yourself sending wishes to your nearest and dearest ones on special occassions and India being a festive country, the occassions are many.   
They are filled with desires or wishes of what they feel we have not. Never ever do they make you feel that you already have a HEALTHY, WEALTHY & PROSPEROUS life and if you dare feel so these CHANAKYIANS will call you unambitious person.
Oh! What a blasphemy!

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