Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rumiyana verse

Man is bad case....isn't it?
पता है, यहाँ से बहुत दूर, बहुत दूर, सही और गलत के पार...एक मैदान है...मैं वहाँ मिलुँगा तुझे

Rumi, as a true lover himself of one and only one, wrote this for true lovers who are unable to meet and be one with the one whom they have chosen to be one with.

As a matter of fact they are indeed spiritually one with the one but they know or realize it not mentally.

May be because love is an abstract noun beyond transitive verbs or acts or mindedness.

They seek to be one physically too but can't live together or be together owing to or because of some silly world affairs, rules, regulations, traditions, conservatism, right & wrong doings etc. etc. etc.

Can you feel the pain of this age old separation of human beings with their God?

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