Sunday, May 3, 2015

Take some responsibility....please

Man is bad case....isn't it?

I know only one thing for sure and that is that I know nothing for sure.

Confused I am till the time I think.

Blessed I am the minute I just watch the world around & within as an observer.

THE OBSERVER IS THE WORLD and the world changes when we change ourselves.

No mind state with no prejudiced, conceptual, positive or negative thinking is the ZERO state. A zero, a nothing which manifests itself into many forms called world by the way we think or trust or see or look at it.

That's why our thinking matters so much. That's where our thinking (Abstract Noun) transforms into our resultant acts (Verbs) and Concrete nouns.

That's why we are held responsible for the kind of life we live - joyfully or sadly.

सृष्टा ही सृष्टि है
दृष्टा ही दृष्टि है
कर्ता ही कारक है

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